Identità Golose 2020, appointment at the congress. To build a new future

Paolo Marchi presents the theme of the great event, now in its 16th edition. See you in Milan from 24th to 26th October

by Paolo Marchi
Some of the speakers of Identità Golose 2020, edi

Some of the speakers of Identità Golose 2020, edition number 16, after the two postponements the dates are confirmed: appointment at Mico in Milan from 24th to 26th October. TO SUBSCRIBE CLICK HERE

Rebirth and future, a future we will have to build ourselves. These two words have been our motto since Italy started to reopen in May, and got back in motion. Very slowly, and among endless precautions, though some have been very superficial in their approach and choices, and for this reason very dangerous in the fight against Covid. It's a constant confrontation between those who don't believe we have already returned to normality, and are well aware of the risks we still run, and those who deny the very existence of the virus but do very little so that Italy can be put in the condition to return to walk and produce.

There's a part of Italy that is aware of the dangers, reacts or in any case thinks business, and wants to produce without risking the health of everyone. And there's a part which makes do, goes in search of subsidies, complains, but in the end doesn't have a real idea of how to get out of the crisis because all in all it's satisfied with the little you can obtain from a machine that is slowing down because of the economic crisis and because too many people prefer a low quality routine.

Rib steak in broth from Riccardo Camanini (ph Brambilla-Serrani)

Rib steak in broth from Riccardo Camanini (ph Brambilla-Serrani)

We at Identità Golose are making an effort to belong to the first part, and we do not back down, neither at Identità Golose Milano, the Hub in Via Romagnosi where many professionals meet, nor in view of the 16th edition of the Identità Golose congress in Via Gattamelata. These commitments we're asked to make, and others are asked to make as well, are such that we avoid using the word re-starting. We have nothing against it, many people use it, but we try to avoid it as much as we can because it's not a question of simply getting back into motion.

We're not reopening our beach house after the winter, or a seasonal hotel in the Alps. We did not check up a car that was left in the garage for too long, and we found it with a dead battery or a flat tyre. And it's not even a question of changing menu according to the season.

Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of Identità Golose

Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of Identità Golose

The pandemic has eliminated our certainties, it has blocked us. It has spread fear, added doubts, emptied entire sectors of industry, education, hospitality. The right word, in our opinion, is rebirth, because we are fighting against an invisible enemy, devious in its way of spreading, and vile. It's a question of looking at the future while changing gear, anticipating choices and steps. When the present is no longer normal, in continuity with the past, when spaces grow smaller, movements are reduced and even travelling in Europe is a challenge, it's time to understand how to be reborn.

It is for all these reasons and ideas that the new theme of the 16th edition of Identità Golose 2020, following the Sense of Responsibility, is Building a new future. Everything is now like modern antiques, dated. From the 24th to the 26th of October, just like we do every day on the website, in the newsletters and in Via Romagnosi, we will try to depict the restaurant industry of the future, hospitality and safety, agricultural and food production, communication, travel for business and pleasure, remaining in balance between the imperative of not getting sick and the unquestionable necessity of getting Italy back in motion.

Locking ourselves in the house, while they find a vaccine, is not an answer. The answer is taking every precaution so that we can build a new future rationalising what we have experienced since late in February. And it is for all these thoughts and ideas that we feel it is our duty to put on stage the 16th edition. It is not enough to speak of rebirth, we must bring our bricks too.