Michelangelo Mammoliti

Photo Brambilla-Serrani

Photo Brambilla-Serrani

La Madernassa

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Guarene (Cuneo)

Michelangelo Mammoliti was born in 1985 in Giaveno, Torino (like his colleague Matteo Baronetto). Since 2014 he’s the chef at the restaurant of resort La Madernassa in Guarene, a short distance from his hometown. «One of my most important training experience», he says, «was with Gualtiero Marchesi, first at Albereta, the restaurant in Erbusco in Franciacorta and then at Marchesino in Milan».

What changes the life of Michelangelo, however, is the meeting with Stefano Baiocco, chef at Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano, «surrounded by aromatic herbs, sprouts and all sorts of edible flowers». After his experience on the Brescian banks of Lake Garda, he starts a 5-year long pilgrimage to the giants of French cuisine: Alain DucassePierre GagnaireYannick Alléno in Paris and Marc Meneau at Espérance in Saint Père sous Vezelay. «The French masters», he says, «taught me three crucial concepts: excellence, rigour and having high expectations».

«Mammoliti», wrote Lorenzo Sandano, «doesn’t run the risk of stagnating in culinary trends and pretentious cuisine, with a style copied here and there. In fact he shows an unsettling maturity: he’s very rigorous, detailed in composing every element and uses a very complex set of techniques, without any useless scenic frill».

«Mammoliti’s dishes show a sensorial portrait of his international experience with a very personal take rooted in his homeland, Piedmont. A young chef with an “adult” spirit, who’s not afraid to show his liaison with French cuisine, preparing sauces and using masterful old-school cooking techniques. An instinct for creativity, which he interprets with classic-sounding recipes through memory, emotions and daily experience».

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