Rossella De Vita, Vincenzo Fiorillo e Stefania Urso



Gusto 17

17, Via Savona and 10, via Luigi Cagnola
+39 02 39811835 (via Savona)
+39 02 49709618 (via Cagnola)

Since 2016, when it opened, Gusto 17 has stood out as an innovative and original format in the world of artisanal gelato, thanks to an intuition of Rossella De Vita, Vincenzo Fiorillo and Stefania Urso. «Making only gelato we would eat ourselves», this was the initial idea that pushed the three friends to join forces and give life to a gourmet and personalised artisanal gelato. Gusto 17 is research, attention and passion to create a product and real recipes that can surprise each day and bring a new experience that can charm palate, nose, eyes. 

Rossella De Vita: a dissertation on luxury, a Master's degree in Marketing Management, a passion for Roger Federer, architecture, photography, Russian poetry and Place Vendôme. Vincenzo Fiorillo: studies in Economics and Finance, a passion for ice cream, sea and nature. He would like to live on the island of Elba and fish, surrounded by the sound and silence of the waves. Stefania Urso: a graduate in Economics, a Master's degree in Marketing Management and a passion for fine food, from her grandmother's bread and tomato sandwiches to the buttons with oil and lime with cacciucco sauce and roasted octopus of starred chefs. She loves all of Italy but misses Puglia.

Gusto 17 was born from the union of these three personalities. Two small ice cream shops – each with its lab – in which they make ice cream each day and all day, to give food that is always very fresh, made with artisanal, seasonal and possibly Italian ingredients. But they haven't stopped. Because their goal is to be present 365 days a year, de-seasonalising gelato, and leaving the borders of the shop, to pair with starred chefs and enter important places like Vòce Aimo e Nadia and La Rinascente in Milan. 

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