Maxime Meilleur

La Bouitte

Hameau de St Marcel
St Martin de Belleville

It’s no surprise that this photo portrays two chefs, father and son, René Meilleur and Maxime. La Bouitte is, after all and more then ever, a family matter. René comes from one of the most ancient families in the valley: before the ski slopes where created in the Sixties they lived off agriculture and worked with wood. René is the creator of the maison, with 40 years of experience, creativity and common sense at the service of one sole objective: transmitting the treasures of Savoy to the guests and demonstrating that, besides the magnificent ski slopes, this region also has a rich culinary heritage and a unique art de vivre.

In 1976, with his wife Marie-Louise, both 26 years old at the time, they purchase a potato field and open the restaurant La Bouitte where a delicious, simple and generous Savoy cuisine is at home. Ten years later, the “flavour shock” experimented during a dinner at Paul Bocuse’s restaurant, induces René to evolve towards a more elaborated and creative cuisine, unleashing the word of mouth among the gourmet of the three Vallées. In ‘96, twenty years after the opening, their son Maxime starts to work as a chef. An ex-athlete in the French biathlon team, Maxime has kept the resistance and competitive characteristics that are typical of his sporting past. His need to work, his rigour, his desire to excel are an example for the whole team which today is formed by 20 people. His rich of character cuisine strikes for the economy of gestures and the pureness of compositions.

This commitment is soon awarded: in 2003 the first Michelin star arrives and, in 2008, the second. In 2012 a further step is taken towards the reinforcement of the identity of this restaurant-resort: thanks to the purchase of the next-door property, La Bouitte gains in terms of comfort and space without forgetting the new 100 square metre kitchen which multiplies the possibilities for the two chefs and the entire team. Clients can now choose from among 4 different spaces: the terrace overlooking the mountain pastures and peaks, the main dining room with the typical mountain atmosphere, the table d’hôte with set menu and overlooking the incredible activity taking place in the kitchen and the new Baroque room, a tribute to the artistic heritage of the valley.

Between perfectionist Maxime and experimenter René there’s a constant dialogue. The understanding is natural. Their fresh and elegant, inviting and rigorous cuisine is a tribute to the complexity and generosity of the valley’s nature.

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Ex biathlete, son of René Meilleur – founder in 1976 of the restaurant La Boiutte in Haute-Savoie, France – Maxime earns first one (2003) then two Michelin stars (2008)


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