New York, the great Dine Around night

The complete photo gallery from the dinner at Eataly Flatiron, a friendly and innovative format that conquered the American public


I protagonisti della cena Dine Around a Eataly Flatiron, New York, mercoledì 11 sera. Da sinistra a destra, Nicola Farinetti, Corrado Scaglione, Ana Ros, Bobo Cerea, Paolo Marchi, Virgilio Martinez, Caterina Ceraudo, Takahiko Kondo e Massimo Bottura (foto e fotogallery di Brambilla/Serrani)


350 guests, divided into six shifts
Virgilio Martinez with assistant Lorenzo Dal Bo
Nicola Farinetti and Corrado Scaglione

Six shifts spred over 8 hours, a menu with 6 dishes, one better than the other, 6 island-restaurants managed by as many chefs (not counting the cooks helping them) and lots of happiness showing on the faces of the 350 people participating in the second dinner that Identità New York organised on the ground floor of Eataly Flatiron.

The Dine Around format, after its debut last year, is now consecrated: people proved to enjoy the itinerant dinner in the various islands inside Farinetti’s store. It started from the Scuola with Corrado Scaglione’s Pizza in tempura (Enosteria Lipen, Triuggio), and then round the corner there was Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Modena) explaining his 2017 version of Autumn in New York on the microphone.

Like bouncing radio waves, in the island next to Bottura, Virgilio Martinez (Central, Lima) was presenting his Marine soil, a ceviche with a partly Italian sauce, dished out with the help of Diego Oka, Peruvian at work in successful La Mar in Miami. Meanwhile, Caterina Ceraudo (Dattilo, Strongoli) set off the boilers in island 4, the Pasta restaurant, full of rigatoni which she seasoned with herb tea and powdered anchovies.

This was followed by the fifth area, restaurant Manzo, run by Ana Ros (Hisa Franko, Kobarid) and serving her Rabbit on holiday in Mexico and a the grand finale with Bobo Cerea’s desserts (Da Vittorio, Brusaporto). A great organisational effort in the name of Italian (and not only Italian) cuisine. And a financial effort too, given that for Eataly the revenue of the evening was much lower than the daily average, which includes 3,000 guests per day.

«The Dine Around format», says Claudio Ceroni of Identità Golose, «is very innovative and works rather well because guests have to change area each time. You can’t get bored, and the atmosphere is informal and nice. Most of all, guests have the opportunity of meeting and exchanging a few words with their favourite chefs, in a climate of sharing and friendliness that is in coherence with the theme Paolo Marchi and I have set for the next congress in Milan: the Human Factor».

Let’s enjoy the best moments of the night in the photos taken by Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso


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350 guests, divided into six shifts
Virgilio Martinez with assistant Lorenzo Dal Bo
Nicola Farinetti and Corrado Scaglione
Caterina and Susy Ceraudo
Bobo Cerea and his explosive cannoncini
Ana Ros
Massimo Bottura
Corrado Scaglione
Tempura Ria-Nata, a pizza tempura from Corrado Scaglione of Enosteria Lipen, Triuggio