Nicola Fossaceca

crediti: Brambilla - Serrani

crediti: Brambilla - Serrani

Al Metr˛

via F.Magellano, 35
San Salvo Marina (Chieti)
T. +39.0873.803428


You don’t notice the beach from the windows of the restaurant Al Metrò, but it’s not far away. This is a distance that Nicola would like to eliminate by moving the kitchen even closer to his main source of inspiration: the sea off the Abruzzo coast. The sea that laps the beaches of San Salvo, a big village that has grown over the years thanks to the construction of second homes, purchased by residents of the provinces of Abruzzo and Molise to spend their weekends, is also much loved by Nicola’s parents, who, after living in Rome for a while, decided to return to their origins at the end of the 1970s, leaving the city to open a cake shop. That cake shop is still there today and it shares the name and entrance with the restaurant.


The name, Al Metrò, is a tribute to the Rome Metro, on the construction of which Nicola’s dad once worked. The step from the cake shop to the restaurant was brief. Sensing the talents of the young Nicola, Antonio, his elder brother, convinced the family to take a parallel route and, in 2002, they opened Al Metro, with a very young Nicola – class of 1983 – fresh out of catering school, wielding the pots and pans, making fried fish and seafood, as well as seafood pasta. The years went by and the passion for cooking grew, until the turnabout came, marked by a dinner cooked by Niko Romito: the experience was an absolute revelation and spawned in Nicola the immediate intuition that everything had to change at Al Metrò, to create cuisine really capable of making its mark.

Other meetings followed and they all represent a step in an evolution: first Maria Lombardi of Vecchia trattoria da Tonino in Campobasso, then Moreno Cedroni and Mauro Uliassi. Each one encouraged Nicola to “dare” to create new cuisine without forgetting the past. With the great determination of those who know they’ve made the right choices.


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