Foie Gras Royale ‘ Texture of Corn’

Sat Bains

For 4 people

For the Royale
200 g Foie Gras
2 leafs of gelatine
100 ml brown chicken stock
1 tbls soy
Sesame oil

For the ‘Textures of corn’
100 ml corn soup
200 g sweetcorn – tinned
250 g white chicken stock
5 g salt
50 g salted butter

For the sweetcorn ice cream
100 g tinned sweetcorn
100 ml stock syrup

For the sweet popcorn
50 g corn kernals
groundnut oil
50 g caster sugar


For the Royale
Place Foie Gras, warm chicken stock ,soaked gelatine and soy and sesame into a thermo-mix.
Heat to 50°C, strain, then place into a small kilner jar, 1 inch high.
Leave to set and refrigerate.

For the ‘Textures of corn’
Braise sweetcorn in the stock with the salt and butter.
Simmer for 20 minutes then puree and pass through a fine chinoise.

For the Sweetcorn Ice cream
Place sweetcorn and stock syrup in Pacojet container and freeze to 24°C

For the Sweet popcorn
Heat oil and then pop corn in a clean pan.
Heat sugar to caramel stage and add the popcorn. Coat each individual corn and cool.

Get Foie Gras out of fridge, place popcorn on top of layer of Foie Gras.
Pour soup into kilner jar and place a quenelle of sweetcorn ice cream. Serve.