Friscura aruci

Corrado Assenza

For 6 people

300 g of sheep's milk curd
200g of cv rosello wheat
20 g of Furgintini extra virgin oil
120 g of syrup of Puleo mint leaves
100 g of syrup of mandarin leaves
15 g of mandarin Mielarò®
18 g of Bronte pistachio nut chips
1 g of Cyprus black salt


The day before
Rinse the wheat thoroughly in mineral water. Simmer over a medium heat without boiling the water fiercely, for about 70 minutes. When cooked the skins have to be still compact and the grain soft but not separated. Take the wheat out of the water. Pour the water into a pan on a low heat. Pour the extra virgin oil into an aluminium sauté pan, heating it over a low heat. Add the wheat and let it dry without frying.
Over a medium heat, continue cooking, gradually adding the hot cooking water and stirring it into the wheat, keeping it quite dry. Take it off the heat, cooling quickly in a chiller and stirring occasionally. Store in the fridge.

The next day
Blend the sheep's milk curd in an electric blender, until you obtain a smooth, light cream.

Place the mandarin leaf syrup and mandarin Mielarò® on the bottom of a glass bowl; place the sheep's milk curd on top and then the rosello wheat. Wet the grain with the Puleo mint syrup. Decorate the centre of the wheat with the ground pistachios and the "dot" of Cyprus black salt.