Anconetana Cod

Moreno Cedroni

200 g of sunflower seed oil
6 g of peeled, sliced garlic
100 g of cod skin
80 g of 1 cm thick cod slices
50 g of white onion cut into fine rings
300 g of vine tomatoes cut into about 15 g slices, about 2 cm thick
450 g of potatoes cut into 15 g slices with a maximum length of 6-8 cm (if longer, cut them in half, maintaining a thickness of 1 cm)
100 g of fish stock
8 dried olives, halved and pitted


Place the seed oil and garlic in a frying pan, cook on a medium/low heat until the golden garlic floats. Gently drop the cod skins and sliced cod into the oil, and start swirling the pan without making the oil spill out. When the oil starts to boil gently, as soon as the collagen starts to float, add the sliced tomatoes, halved black olives and the fish stock which will help the emulsion to form, and swirl as soon the oil starts to boil again, starting to extract the liquid.

Cook the potatoes separately in salted boiling water (15 g of salt per litre of water) for 4 minutes and cool them. In the same water, scald the finely sliced onion for 2 minutes and then cool.
When the slices of tomato start to soften (without losing their skins), add the cooled potatoes and cook them together on a low heat for another 3 minutes. Swirl only if the emulsion has still to form. Leave the preparation in the fridge for at least one day so that the potatoes absorb the flavour of the cod.

For the lemongrass and lime sauce, boil 400 g of fish stock with 6 rings of lime, 2 bulbs of lemongrass and 15 g of ginger cut into round slices. Sieve and add 25 g of lime juice and 200 g of coconut milk.

For the plate
Heat the sunflower seed oil in a pan to 60°C, drop in the cod and leave it until the temperature reaches 40°C in the middle. Pour a spoonful of lime sauce onto a plate, followed by the potatoes, tomatoes and onion. Place the cod, with the olive and some powdered raspberry on the top.