Porcini, cuttlefish & sea urchin

Cuttlefish cannelloni stuffed with porcini mushrooms, sea urchin ice-cream and calamint sauce

Sergio Colalucci - Sergio Dondoli - Luca Landi - Mauro Petrini - Giancarlo Timballo

Black and white cuttlefish pasta
600 g of cleaned, skinned cuttlefish
the ink obtained when cleaning the cuttlefish
30 g of mascarpone
Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic and 5 sage leaves
white wine
salt & pepper

Sea urchin ice-cream
520 g of fresh milk
110 g of skimmed milk powder
80 g of Maltodextrin
80 g of dextrose
10 g of glycerine
8 g of cream stabiliser
8 g of salt
60 g of sea urchin flesh
70 g of low-acid extra virgin olive oil

Porcini mushroom filling
fresh, firm porcini mushrooms
chopped garlic and calamint leaves
extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper
mushroom stock

Calamint sauce
fresh calamint leaves
fresh cream
garlic with its skin


Black and white cuttlefish pasta
Roast half of the cuttlefish with the garlic and sage, add the white wine and cook. When cold, add all the other ingredients and the raw cuttlefish, blending to obtain a thick but smooth cream. Add some cuttlefish ink to the part to be coloured. Spread the sheets of cuttlefish pasta as finely as possible between two sheets of baking paper and bake in the oven for 1 hour at 80 °C. Cool and set to one side.

Sea urchin ice-cream
Mix all the ingredients, apart from the oil and sea urchin flesh, and gradually heat to 85 °C. Leave it to cool then mature in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Add the oil, the sea urchins and process in the ice-cream machine. Store at a negative temperature.

Porcini mushroom filling
Cut the porcini mushrooms into cubes and toss in a pan with oil, garlic and calamint. Add the stock obtained from boiling the biggest mushrooms. Add some extra virgin olive oil, stir and add salt to taste.

Calamint sauce
Blanch the garlic 3 times in fresh milk and cook in the boiling cream. Blanch the calamint leaves in salted water and then blend in the reduced cream with a little Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

Cut the squares of cuttlefish pasta and toss in a pan. Take a few to fill with the ice-cream, stored at a negative temperature, and others to fill with the hot mushroom mixture. Make up the plate, alternating the cannelloni filled with ice-cream and those filled with mushrooms. Dress with splashes of warmed sauce and garnish with roast cuttlefish "scarpette" and slices of raw or roast mush