Suggestion of a spicy roast duck stew with fennel and olives

Luca Landi - Giancarlo Timballo

Spicy duck breast
female duck breast
cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg
orange rind and lemon rind
orange blossom honey

Duck sauce
duck bones
parings and scraps of duck meat
extra virgin olive oil

Glazed fennel
whole fennel
chicken stock
salt and pepper

Toscanelle olive ice-cream
469 g of mineral water (infused with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, the juice and rind of a quarter of a lemon and a quarter of an orange)
20 g of milk protein
100 g of skimmed milk powder
130 g dextrose
100 g of Tuscan olives in brine
100 g natural olives
6 g of salt
6 g of cream stabiliser
40 g of maltodextrin
30 g of new extra virgin olive oil


Spicy duck breast
Clean and prepare the duck breast. Gently fry in oil, especially on the skin side. Drain the oil and add a knob of butter, the spices and the citrus rinds. Complete the cooking process by glazing with the frothy butter. Deglaze and add the honey and the duck sauce made earlier. Continue glazing the breast to gloss the skin well and finish cooking.

Duck sauce
For the base: scallions, garlic, thyme, bay, apples, multi-flower honey, long peppercorns, fresh butter.
Cook the base gently with the aromatic herbs. Toast the bones and breast scraps in another pan and add to the base. Add the pepper and honey and cover with water. Removing the froth all the time, cook until the sauce has reduced nicely and obtained some consistency. Filter through a fine strainer and set to one side.

Glazed fennel
Boil some salted water with a little butter and cook the fennel. Recuperate the fennel hearts, fry them in a little fresh butter and add a little stock. Bind the liquid with a little fresh butter and finish cooking the fennel hearts, glazing them lightly. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Toscanelle olive ice-cream
Mix all the dry ingredients weighed and dissolve them in the water. Pit the olives and blend them with the ice-cream base, pasteurising everything at 83 °C. Cool and mature in the fridge for 12 hours. Set an amount of oil to one side to add to the ice-cream machine at the end of the process.

Cut a parallelepiped from the breast and serve with fennel heart petals filled with the olive ice-cream. Cover with the sauce made from cooking the breast.