Winter forest scenery (sweet finger food)

Yoshihiro Narisawa

400 g Okara (soy pulp)
12 g Bamboo charcoal powder
16 g Leek charcoal powder
16 g Onion powder
30 cc Sherry vinegar
60 cc Olive oil
Black pepper

Essence of the forest
1 l Mineral water
4 g Oak
1/2 Japanese cedar

1 kg Burdock

1 kg Topinambur

Fritter of shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom and Kuwai (Chinese water chestnut)

Comport of kinkan (oval kumquat)
300 g Kinkan (25pieces)
150 g Sugar
150 g Orange juice
150 g Water




Half-dry the okara in the oven at 120℃for 5 minuts.
Mix the okara, the charcoal powders, onion powder, black pepper and salt till it gets darker colour.
Add the sheffy vinegar and the olive oil.

Essence of the forest
Add the flakes of oak and cedar into cold water and soak it for 5~10 minutes.
Strain with a cooking paper.

Cut the top and fine part (10~15cm) of the burdocks and wash well.
Heat it with the syrup in a pressure cooker for 20 munutes.
Remove the burdock from the syrup and dry it in the dehydrator.

Heat the topinambur in the microwave for 5 minutes.
Without breaking the skin, remove inside and make a flat sheet with the skin.
Soak the skin in the syrup for half a day.
Drain well and fry it in the oil at 150℃ then 180℃ for finishing.

Fritter of shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom and Kuwai

Comport of kinkan (oval kumquat)
Cut the kinkans into hafl and remove seeds.
Pour the sugar, the orange juice and the water into a saucepan and make syrup.
Add kinkans in the boiled syrup and stir until it gets soft.