Cebiche caliente

Gastón Acurio

1 mackerel fillet
20 g of apple
20 g of pear
½ a horseradish
6 mandarin segments
10 g of sweet potato (camote)
10 g of red onion
various sprouts
juice of 3 mandarins
30 g of red pepper paste
10 g of chili pepper paste
20 ml of leche de tigre
1 lemon
10 ml of soy sauce
5 ml of sesame oil
½ g of salt
10 ml of seed oil

Clean the fish and leave the fillet whole. Cut the apple and pear into julienne strips without removing the skin. Cut the horseradish into half-moons and set the mandarin segments and the juice of the three mandarins to one side.


Cook the sweet potato and cut it into small cubes. Meanwhile, add the red pepper paste to the chili pepper paste.

Pour the mandarin juice into a pan with the leche de tigre, red and chili pepper pastes, then add the soy sauce and sesame oil. Raise the heat so that the flavours mingle well.

Grill the fish on the skin side, leaving the other side raw, and place on a serving plate. Cover it with the apple and pear julienne and horseradish and decorate with the mandarin segments.

Finish off with the hot ceviche sauce and the red onion julienne and sprouts.