Minced Damini-Limousine with rampions, oil Bernese and crispy bread morsels

Gian Pietro e Giorgio Damini

For 4 people

400 g of Damini-Limousine minced rump steak
100 g of rampions
1 egg
100 ml of grape seed oil
200 g of white wine vinegar
200 g of white wine
1 sprig of tarragon
100 g of bread
meat stock


Clean and wash the rampions and cook the egg at a low temperature for 90 minutes at 65 °C. Make the tarragon reduction, boiling the wine, vinegar and tarragon on a low heat until everything has been reduced by half. Meanwhile, cut the bread into morsels and toast it in the oven with a little oil.
Peel shell off the egg and while the yolk with the stock and the oil. Then add the tarragon reduction and the chopped fresh tarragon. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Roughly chop the rampions and place them on the mince. Complete with the oil Bernese and the crispy bread morsels.