Identità Golose Milano: here we go! Reservations are now open on the new website

Cedroni, Perdomo, Léveillé, Roš, Roncero, Charquero, Ribaldone: the first week is revealed

Here’s the header of the Identità Golose Milan

Here’s the header of the Identità Golose Milano website, now online

As of yesterday, the website of Identità Golose, the first International Hub of Gastronomy and the most ambitious project in the history of Identità Golose, is online. The multi-functional centre is dedicated to culinary and cultural events, with a restaurant, and training spaces. 

It will be a showcase for our cuisine, and a window overlooking the cuisine of other countries, just like  Expo Milano 2015 during the six months of the event, when we attracted over 58,000 visitors and over 200 chefs. On this tasty setting, we will continue, all year round, the work that gave life to 14 editions of the Identità Milano Congress.

The space will open on September 18th and 19th in the very heart of Milan, at number 3 in Via Romagnosi, a short walk from Teatro alla Scala. For over 50 years, since 1961, this was the location ofFondazione Feltrinelli.

As we told you a few weeks ago, the kitchens of Identità Golose Milano will start working on September 18th and 19th for two gala events, by invitation only, with some of the most prestigious interpreters of Milanese and Italian gastronomy. 


A screenshot of the reservation page...

A screenshot of the reservation page...

...and of the calendar 

...and of the calendar 

We can now reveal the first part of the rich schedule of events open to the public, for which reservations are now open on the brand new website thanks to our partner TheFork, . 

As we said, our project is based on three pillars, inspiring the Hub’s research and offer: MilanoItaliaMondo. So after the two opening gala dinners, the triangle is completed on Thursday 20th Septemberwith a dinner dedicated to Mondo in Italia, and the following two nights will have prominent international guests. 

Over the years there’s been a growing number of foreign chefs who arrived in Italy to interpret Italian cuisine adding their passion and a touch of their creativity and culture. For the first night open to the public of Identità Golose Milano, on Thursday 20th September from 7:30 pm we’ll have four of them: Uruguayan Matias Perdomo (Contraste - Milan, one Michelin star), French Philippe Léveillé (Miramonti l'Altro - Concesio, two Michelin stars), German Christoph Bob (Il Refettorio del Monastero Santa Rosa - Conca dei Marini, one Michelin star), Spanish Rafael Charquero (pastry coordinator at gruppo Enrico Bartolini).

Mondo in Italia: Matias Perdomo, Christoph Bob, Philippe Léveillé, Rafael Charquero. Together at Identità Golose Milano on the 20th September

Mondo in ItaliaMatias PerdomoChristoph BobPhilippe LéveilléRafael Charquero. Together at Identità Golose Milano on the 20th September

Then on Friday 21st September we’llcontinue with Paco Roncero, one of the most explosive and creative Spanish chefs. His approach in many of the gastronomic projects he’s created in over twenty years is to always push the boundaries of what we call “cuisine” and offer guests a fascinating multi-sensorial experience. Today, on top of his main restaurant in Madrid, La Terraza del Casino (two Michelin stars), he runs successful establishments in Ibiza, Hong Kong, Bogotá, Shanghai. Hence this will be a unique chance to taste some of the signature dishes that allowed him to conquer global fame.

Paco Roncero: at Identità Golose Milano on September 21st

Paco Roncero: at Identità Golose Milano on September 21st

Saturday 22nd SeptemberSlovenian Ana Roš, the best female chef in the world for the 2017 edition of the World's 50 Best, will be back: her dishes speak Slovenian, they portray her territory, but there’s more. Because elegance goes beyond frontiers. Her fine dining is of the highest standards, hence it belongs to the world, and we’re very proud to offer the chance to taste it in Milan to those who will reserve a table at this not-to-be-missed event.  


Ana Roš: at Identità Golose Milano on September 22nd

Ana Roš: at Identità Golose Milano on September 22nd

From Wednesday 26th till Saturday 29th September there will be the first week dedicated to a guest chef at Identità Golose Milano, with four very delicious dinners. The first protagonist will be one of Identità’s historic friends, one of the most innovative chefs in Italy: Moreno Cedroni.

He’s the patron-chef at Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia (two Michelin stars), at Clandestino in Portonovo, Anikò again in Senigallia. For over 25 years he’s shown his creativity, with unmatchable interpretations of seafood, either by reinventing Italian recipes, or by giving an Italian take to the many influences captured around the world, as proved by his famous invention, “susci”. 


Moreno Cedroni: at Identità Golose Milano from the 26th to the 29th September

Moreno Cedroni: at Identità Golose Milano from the 26th to the 29th September

As we said reservations are now open. We recommend not to delay, so as not to find all the places taken. Once again, the format characterising all the dinners at Identità Golose Milano will replicate the very successful one of Expo 2015.

Each guest will spend 75 euros for 4 courses, including wine pairings (and entrées). The offer wants to have a larger and varied public approach fine dining, overcoming the fear of an unexpected bill, perhaps because of the wine incognita.

From Monday 24th September the restaurant at Identità Golose Milano will also be open at lunchtime (and reservations for lunch are also open). The format will allow guests to choose from a menu with three starters, two first courses and three main courses, as well as a special pizza offer, which will reveal soon, when we’ll also give you many other curious and delicious details. There will always be a dish of the day signed, like everything else, by resident chef Alessandro Rinaldi, with Andrea Ribaldone as coordinator (he was already directing the offer at Identità Expo). 


Andrea Ribaldone: restaurant coordinator at Identità Golose Milano

Andrea Ribaldone: restaurant coordinator at Identità Golose Milano

Rinaldi-Ribaldone will also sign the Monday and Tuesday dinner menus, again from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm, with themes that will change monthly. We’ll start on Monday 24th September with a dinner dedicated to Mushrooms, from the sea to the mountains. «The season is excellent – says Ribaldone – so we’ll be able to present Italian mushrooms of the highest quality, with different varieties, exploring typical oriental specialties such as shitake. The recipes will be based both on meat and seafood, and the dessert will also be paired with mushrooms».

Tuesday 25th September, again with Alessandro Rinaldi and Andrea Ribaldone, the menu will be dedicated to Fish in Milan: an endless love, thus celebrating the rich seafood offer that has always characterised Milanese markets. «We’ll present very elegant dishes – says chef Ribaldone – that will enhance fish commonly thought as poor. Something increasingly important. Like mackerel, for instance, which we’ll present with an oriental technique that I’m particularly fond of. The filets will be cut and placed on a baking tin with holes, and pouring some boiling water on top, aromatised with soya sauce and herbs: it will have a very interesting cooked-not-cooked effect».

This is yet one more proof of the great technical expertise of a thorough chef like Andrea Ribaldone, who with his cuisine, and with an always contemporary approach, moves without hesitation between Italian tradition, the east and the great French school. 

The complete programme of the first three months of Identità Golose Milano will be published on the official website on September 18th, on the day of the opening. 

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso


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