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Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


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“An intentional chance.” This is how Enrico Buonocore describes the coincidences that led him to become one of the most successful restaurant entrepreneurs in Italy. He started working in Milanese bars by chance, first behind the bar, and then in the management; but then he decided to stay in the industry, because he immediately realised that “it could be right for me. I’m a street man, but I know my talents.”

Buonocore was only 31 when in 2007 he opened the ‘headquarters’ of Langosteria in Via Savona in Milan. In 2012 he opened Bistrot; in 2015, during Expo, he opened the temporary bar at Superstudio in Via Tortona; in 2016 Cafè, a short walk from Piazza Duomo. In 2017 Buonocore started his most important and demanding adventure: Langosteria Paraggi, on a promenade where “before us there was no restaurant offer. But I knew the potential of a place that is a real paradise on earth. The success was incredible.”

Incredible is a strange word, pronounced by him. It’s all incredible, if you think of how little it took him to turn “the Langosteriavision,” that’s how he calls it, into something real. It started with a 20 square metres place, and it’s now a holding with a turnover of 20 million euros per year. “It’s not like I already knew what it could become,” he says. “But of one thing I was sure: it had to be an experience full of excellence. I never set any boundaries, a good idea has no budget and as for quality, there’s no cheating. We never stop: we look for constant innovation and at the same time we remain true to ourselves.”

Buonocore often uses the plural, referring to his team, and to the professionals he’s surrounded himself with, building Langosteriatogether, bit by bit: “I have a very low turnover. I never lost an employee. The nice thing about success is knowing how to share it. Selecting the staff.

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