Marcus Eaves

L’Autre Pied

5-7, Blandford street
Gran Bretagna
T. +44.(0)20.74869696

2008 was a magical year for Marcus Eaves, a dynamic chef prodige flying above London best culinary scene. His ambitious restaurant, opened only 14 months ago, already got a Michelin star plus many other cooking awards. A foot planted into success then, with the complicity of his two-starred mentor, Shane Osborn.

Born in 1981 in an agricultural context that taught him the cult of seasonal products, son of a hotel chef himself, Marcus got the hotel management diploma at Stratford college of food & technology and quickly showed an uncommon talent that smoothed his first steps.
In 1997 he worked has a pastry commis in an anonymous Warwickshire restaurant, a county where he stopped a long time as a chef de partie by the one-starred Simpsons Restaurant. In Somerset stars were two, those of Lettonie Restaurant where he cooked as chef de partie from 2001 to 2002. Same at Landmark Hotel, that in 2002-2003 marked his debut in the City. Here Shane Osborn made him land to Pied à Terre, a restaurant where he would come back between 2005 and 2007 as a sous chef, after a short period spent at Hibiscus Restaurant, in Shropshire, and stages by Raymond Blanc and Philippe Chevent.

Since november 2007 Marcus is Autre pied’s chef patron, in the heart of Marylebone Village, strictly linked to Shane Osborn’s restaurant Pied-à-terre. Shane himself said about Marcus: «It’s been a great pleasure for me to watch his rise from a talented chef to the one of the best chefs in our country. He’s the most talented chef I’ve ever worked with and the Michelin star confirms it. He’s predestined to rise up to the peak».
In a crossway between raw materials deep knowledge and creativity, at Autre pied educated and no-frills sides live together. Foot is a primeval symbol that speaks of movement and balance, a dance that pushes the target far away as it walks. A pied à terre and another one in the air in the kinetics culinary movement.

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