Expo Milano 2015

Milan welcomes the world, S.Pellegrino sits down at the table with it

2015 has been a year hallmarked by new challenges as well as important international previews for S.Pellegrino.

Ambassador of the Italian taste and style, S.Pellegrino is the only food brand to achieve a double partnership with Expo and Padiglione Italia.
S.Pellegrino, which represents a renowned gourmet culture and refined cuisine all over the world, spontaneously shares themes such as taste, wellbeing, sustainability that will find their expression during the 6-month Universal Exhibition.

Within the setting of Expo, S.Pellegrino will work as a partner for the creation of an innovative concept named Identità Expo S.Pellegrino which embodies the natural development of a long-lasting collaboration with Identità Golose that after 11 years gave birth to an extraordinary project celebrating good food and its talents.
S.Pellegrino will therefore sign what can be considered the “biggest” gourmet restaurant of the world without forgetting the wide-ranging daily schedule which will feature lots of events dedicated to food and water culture, including show cooking, talk shows and special initiatives within a context aimed at representing a model of modern Italian hospitality. “We strongly believe in Identità Expo S.Pellegrino, in this new phase of the collaboration with Identità Golose - Stefano Marini, Italian Business Unit Manager of Sanpellegrino Group said – we are sure that this brand-new project will become one of the reference and excellence points regarding Expo”.

Thanks to its well-extended presence in the best known restaurants worldwide, over the years S.Pellegrino has become a real ambassador of the Made-in-Italy taste abroad. Starting from this acknowledgement, the company has become a patron of the talent expressed by the Made-in-Italy cuisine in Italy and abroad fostering the growth and good reputation of chefs and operators within the Italian food&wine sector. Most of them will be protagonists of Expo-related initiatives as it will certainly happen with Identità Expo S.Pellegrino.
Another truly important event that will debut during the year of Expo is the talent contest Young Chef of the Year, an extraordinary call to action to which more than 3000 young chefs worldwide have responded and which will end during Expo, on June 26, date on which a great concluding show is scheduled along with the election of the best young chef in the world.

As an Official Partner, during the six-month period of Expo S.Pellegrino will have the opportunity to communicate with the world by means of initiatives reflecting a healthy, sustainable and gourmand lifestyle. Not to mention the numerous activities aimed at raising awareness on a responsible and wise use of water resources and the importance of a correct hydration. All this promoting the Italian territories from which Sanpellegrino branded waters originate as well as the importance of mineral water for everyone’s daily health.
“EXPO has immediately appeared as a special occasion to reconfirm the international leadership attained by the brand - Stefano Agostini, Sanpellegrino’s AD said – and to enhance the Italian ‘know-how” together with our exclusive culture of taste. An opportunity to interact with an international audience touring Italy and sensitive to food-related topics in all their forms which could not be missed.”

The partnership signed with Expo has been communicated since last September via an important communication plan based on an elegant multi-subject campaign quoting "Milano welcomes the world, S.Pellegrino sits down at the table with it", making the classical pay-off "Live in Italian", which for over a decade has contributed to build S.Pellegrino’s success and reputation establishing itself as an ambassador of Italian style and taste, even more explicit.

The approaching plan to the Universal Exhibition has also seen an important distribution program on the international market of S.Pellegrino’s bottles released in special editions and in all formats, from Pet to glass, labeled with the logo of EXPO Milan 2015. Such distribution operations involved over 150 million pieces spread across 80 Countries.

After having proudly represented the “Italian style” abroad, S.Pellegrino is now ready to welcome the whole world to Milan for Expo 2015.

Acqua Panna - S.Pellegrino


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