Acqua Panna's 450th anniversary

The brand celebrates the anniversary of purity with an important recognition from Regione Toscana and a new

This is an important year, rich of novelties for Acqua Panna to celebrate. With its soft, elegant taste that never overpowers making it an outstanding mineral water, able to enhance all the nuances of the wine and food it accompanies, Acqua Panna has a very special occurrence in 2014: the 450th anniversary of purity.

Acqua Panna is indeed proud of a long history. Legend says that its estate dates as far back as the Renaissance period, to the days of the famed Medici family of Florence. The Medicis were known for their sumptuous banquets and their love for fine wine and food and, the lore has it, this way these Renaissance gourmet secured themselves a constant supply of fresh mineral water for daily use in court and for their memorable banquets as well. It was on the 15th July 1564 that an official proclamation (the Panna ‘bandita’) established the property lines of the Medici estate, intended as a private reserve for farming and game. Since then, with the exception of the roads, the estate has remained almost perfectly intact, and is still protected today. And this is where Acqua Panna has its native land.

In the year of this anniversary, on June 17th Acqua Panna and the Tuscany Region have signed an official agreement according to which Acqua Panna will carry on its bottles the Tuscan Taste logo that the Region has created for the 100% Tuscan products of excellence and has given so far only to wine producers.

In addition to this, to further communicate the strong link with its territory of origin, Acqua Panna has done a restyling of the bottle label, making it more “Tuscan looking” to become more and more an ambassador of the Tuscan values in the over 120 countries where the bottles are distributed.

Tuscany is not only a territory rich in natural beauty, art and culture; a land recognized throughout the world for its traditional dishes, local products and excellent wines. This is also the unique and multifaceted native land of Acqua Panna, a landscape that has remained intact through the centuries. The reason being that the distinctive characteristics of this mineral water are strictly tied to Tuscany: in this region there is a special place where a precious water flows untouched through rocks in an journey of 15 years limestones filtration. This is the pure natural source of Acqua Panna. Here, as far back as 1564 the Medici family used to spend their summer holidays. Lorenzo il Magnifico was so fond of the Acqua Panna's taste that 54 liter demijohns were sent by cart to Florence to bring this water to his court.

“Acqua Panna represents all the power of nature in the heart of the Tuscan Apennines, with 1300 hectares of natural preserve, a unique aquifer, and a long history of culture, passion and love for the environment – says Giorgio Mondovì, Sanpellegrino International Business Unit Director – Because of this, we are honoured to look the bottles of Acqua Panna throughout the world with an emblem that highlights the strong connection between this mineral water and its native territory to celebrate this important anniversary”.

“The Tuscany Region has created the Tuscany Taste logo for the 100% Tuscan products of excellence. So far the opportunity to use it has been given only to selected wine producers – says Enrico Rossi, President of Region of Tuscany –, but Acqua Panna has a strong connection with the territory of our region and it's certainly one of our excellences which witnesses Tuscany either in Italy and abroad. Our plan for the future is to extend the opportunity of the logo usage to all the top quality Tuscan productions in the food and beverages sector, starting by moving from wine only to wine and water”.


Acqua Panna - S.Pellegrino

Acqua Panna - S.Pellegrino

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