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Identità New York 2014

The fifth edition is scheduled from Thursday, October 09 - Sunday, October 12 at Eataly NY


The fifth edition of Identità New York will be focused on the meeting/confrontation of 7 famous chefs from the American metropolis and 7 chefs that do honour to Italy. While last year this dialogue, discussion and understanding was based on selected ingredients, this autumn the confrontation will be focused on ideas and the meeting of different generations. It’s always a difficult task, that of confronting generations, because age itself is not necessarily a synonym of quality or of a descending curve. It is more rather a starting point to help discuss and analyse the subject deeply.

It is our intention, in other words, to create duets that will involve two chefs who share the same moment in their career, the best of today and tomorrow, the supernovas and the stars that have just began to shine, so that everyone can understand what livens and nourishes the cuisine of those who stand out above the average and, over time, become a true point of reference. Not just an ephemeral trend.

Fourteen people in total: the super-chefs, discussing and cooking, gratified by the prestige acquired over time, and the brand new starred chefs who draw strength from the enthusiasm that animates those who have just begun an important career and leave what is known behind them, in order to add new ideas. A total of seven lessons, the certainties and the gambles, the idols and the novices, sometimes even the master and his pupil, because sometimes young people tend to detach themselves from the great gastronomic schools, instead of following their trail, and are ready to add new energy.

Together with the lessons, the traditional two dinners will also return. During the dinners, the Italian guests and not only them, will do their best to make people understand that Italian cuisine is not still, nailed to the past, but is capable of moving forward in a continuous search for the best, both at home and in Manhattan itself.


SEMINARS (La Scuola Grande at Eataly)

Thursday, October 9th
6.30-7.30pm Lidia Bastianich e Rosanna Marziale

Friday, October 10th

12.00-1.00pm Mario Batali e Davide Scabin
4.00-5.00pm Michael Anthony e Carlo Cracco

Saturday, October 11th
11.00am-12.00pm Daniel Humm e Massimo Bottura
4.00-5.00pm April Bloomfield e Vitantonio Lombardo

Sunday, October 12th
12.00-1.00pm Bryce Shuman e Luciano Monosilio
4.00-5.00pm Daniel Burns e Lorenzo Cogo

Eataly New York
Phone: 212.539.0204 Ext. 30

DINNERS (Birreria at Eataly)

Friday, October 10th with Lidia Bastianich
: Ugo Alciati e Denny Imbroisi
: Davide Scabin e Vitantonio Lombardo
: Carlo Cracco e Fortunato Nicotra
: Rosanna Marziale
Piccola pasticceria
: Katia Delogu

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Saturday, October 11th with Mario Batali
: Massimo Bottura e Lorenzo Cogo
: Ugo Alciati e Alex Pilas
: Mark Ladner e Luciano Monosilio
: Denny Imbroisi
Piccola pasticceria
: Katia Delogu

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