Caramel puff with a hint of coffee, almond water and extra virgin oil ice-cream

Franco Aliberti

For 2 people

Almond water and extra virgin olive oil ice-cream
180 g of shelled almonds
225 g of ice
75 g of the 31 Bé syrup (made with 1 lt of water to 1.350 kg of sugar)
125 g of almond base
20 g of extra virgin olive oil

Caramel puff with a hint of coffee

250 g of butter
145 g of flour

1.760 kg of flour
1 l of water
52 g of salt


Almond water and extra virgin olive oil ice-cream
Chop the ice and add to the almonds and syrup
Pass everything in a chop at alternated speed for one minute, so that the almonds do not overheat.
Use a press to crush the almond and ice mixture so that the liquid flows out. Set this liquid to one side for adding later to the extra virgin oil. Freeze this emulsion in a Pacojet, stirring just before serving.

Caramel puff with a hint of coffee
Soften the butter and mix it with the flour, mixing briefly and obtaining a compact pastry with no lumps. Leave to cool in the fridge.
For the pastel, dissolve the salt in the water and add everything to the flour. This will give you a smooth and even mixture, which must be placed to rest in the fridge.
Once the two mixtures have cooled, spread the pastel and join the pastry in the middle, forming a diamond shape. Close with the outer flaps and make the folds, resting in the fridge for 30 minutes between each fold. When the puff is ready, roll it out, using sugar instead of flour and making sure that it is 1.4 mm thick. Stack three more puffs on top, for a total of four, making strips that are 5 cm wide.
Leave in the chiller and then cut into portions that are perfectly straight and 0.5 cm thick. Rest again for about 20 minutes, brushing the surface of the puff with some espresso coffee. Repeat the operation five times, waiting for the coffee to dry between applications.
Bake in the oven at 168 °C for 25 minutes, with the fan closed, until completely golden.