My name is Belly, Pork Belly

Straight from the Anglo-Saxon tradition, a pork belly. Here halfway between sweet and bitter

Pork Belly glazed in Birra Moretti Zero, with cher

Pork Belly glazed in Birra Moretti Zero, with cherry salad, chicory, fresh oregano and its flowers by Vladimiro Poma, sous chef at Erba Brusca in Milan and among the 10 finalists of Premio Birra Moretti Grand Cru

My mini-menu has its heart in the choice of the raw material, in this case organic meat bred in a farm. I also opted for a poor cut of meat. The belly of the pig is usually destined for the production of sausages and in other culinary traditions, such as the English, it is cooked at a low temperature for a long time. In this way, the fat makes the meat particularly tender. The acidity of the cherries helps to balance the fatness as well as the sweetness of the reduction of Birra Moretti Zero. To finish the dish, a touch of delicate bitter flavour, given by the chicory, paired with notes of aromatic herbs and flowers.

Pork Belly glazed in Birra Moretti Zero, with cherry salad, chicory, fresh oregano and its flowers 

Recipe for 2 people

200 g of pork belly
150 g of stoned durone nero di Vignola cherries
4/5 leaves of chicory
1 bundle of fresh oregano with its flowers
33 cl of Birra Moretti Zero
salt to taste
pepper to taste
pork cooking juices
1 tablespoon of sugar

In abbinamento, Birra Moretti Zero

In abbinamento, Birra Moretti Zero

Marinate the pork belly in a vacuum pack for 12 hours with juniper and rosemary, then bake it in the oven for 24 hours at 72°C. Once it is cooked, remove the skin and brown on all sides on a very hot griddle. Remove the stones from the cherries, dice them and season with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh oregano and its flowers, and chicory. In a small saucepan, bring the Birra Moretti Zero and a tablespoon of sugar to the boil, reducing them by a tenth to obtain a syrup. Remove the exceeding fat from the griddle used to brown the belly and add the cooking juices and the beer reduction. Place the pork belly on the mixture, together with a knob of butter, to obtain the perfect glazing.

Serve the hot pork belly garnishing the dish with a few drops of reduction and some fresh chicory.

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