Identità Stati Uniti 2017: Chicago, New York and Boston

Key speakers, classes and dinners during the event on 7th-13th October, with the debut in Massachusetts. As for 2018...

The protagonists of the 8th edition of Identità N

The protagonists of the 8th edition of Identità New York (10th-12th October): left to right, clockwise: Slovenian Ana Roš, Caterina Ceraudo, Enrico Cerea, Virgilio Martinez, Eric Ripert, Massimo Bottura, Corrado Scaglione

Fourth edition of Identità Chicago (7th-8th October), eight edition of Identità New York (10th-12th October) and debut for Identità Boston (13th October). This is this year’s American trip in summary, with the usual firm partnership with Eataly. «A chance», says Paolo Marchi, curator with Claudio Ceroni, «to further spread the concept of Italian contemporary dining, in a country still suffering from stereotypes. This is why in Chicago, the first stop, we’ll have a strong focus on pasta and pizza: we’ll show that over the past few years we went beyond tradition».

The schedule, in the Illinois metropolis - «which I particularly love», says Marchi, «because it shares many features with Milan» - includes on Saturday 7th October, at 11.30 am local time a lesson on pizza with Vittorio and Saverio Borgia and Federico Della Vecchia from Bioesserì (Milan and Palermo) and Sarah Minnick (Lovely’s Fifty Fifty – Portland). At 2.30 pm, Davide Oldani (D’O in Cornaredo, Milan) and Jonathan Benno (Lincoln, New York) will present their idea of pasta. In the evening, there will be the Dine Around dinner event at Eataly Chicago, a format already successfully experimented at Identità New York: Oldani and Roman Luciano Monosilio (Pipero, Rome) will each cook a pasta dish. The Borgias and Dalla Vecchia and Campanian Corrado Scaglione from Enosteria Lipen (Triuggio, Monza Brianza) will make two pizzas. Katia Delogu of Eataly Chicago, the dessert.

The protagonists of the 4th edition of  Identità Chicago (7th-8th October): Vittorio and Saverio Borgia, Corrado Scaglione, Sarah Minnick, Davide Oldani, Sarah Grueneberg, Luciano Monosilio, Fernando Darin and Jonathan Benno

The protagonists of the 4th edition of  Identità Chicago (7th-8th October): Vittorio and Saverio BorgiaCorrado ScaglioneSarah MinnickDavide OldaniSarah Grueneberg, Luciano Monosilio, Fernando Darin and Jonathan Benno

On Sunday 8th October, at 1 pm, Pizza Master Class with Scaglione and Fernando Darin (Ray’s & Stark Bar – Lacma, Los Angeles) and, at 5, Pasta Master Class with Monosilio and Sarah Grueneberg (Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio, Chicago), the cook who struck us so much in the previous edition. Buy tickets for dinner and classes online.

Edition number 8 in New York, «the first and only entrance to America for us Europeans», points out Marchi, will open with a masterclass on Tuesday 10th October (at 1 pm) with Slovenian Ana Roš (Hisa Franko, Kobarid, best female chef in 2017 according to the World’s 50Best) and Calabrian Caterina Ceraudo (Dattilo, Strongoli, best female chef for Michelin Italia 2017). «The Slovenian chef», adds the curator, «will raise the international standard». At 6 pm, there will be an excellent duo from two different continents: Enrico Cerea (Da Vittorio, Brusaporto, 3 Michelin stars) and Virgilio Martinez (Central in Lima – and many more – first restaurant in the World’s 50best Latin America).

Wednesday 11th, Dine Around dinner at Eataly Flatiron with “islands” run by Corrado Scaglione (pizza), a vegetal dish by Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Modena, 3 Michelin stars and second place in the World’s 50Best), fish dish by Martinez, pasta by Caterina Ceraudo, main course by Ana Roš, dessert by Enrico Cerea. Thursday 12th, at 1 pm, a prestigious final masterclass with Bottura and Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin in New York, 3 Michelin stars and 17th in the World’s 50Best. Buy tickets for classes and dinner online.

The protagonists of Identità Boston (13th October): Michele Carter, Michael Schlow, Chris Fischer and Caterina Ceraudo

The protagonists of Identità Boston (13th October): Michele CarterMichael Schlow, Chris Fischer and Caterina Ceraudo

Friday 13th will see the debut of Identità at Eataly Boston, opened in Massachusetts less than a year ago. «Boston thrills me», says Marchi, «because it’s the most European of American cities. It reminds me of the American Cup, of the Kennedys. It’s elegant, refined». The debut will coincide with the “Great Italy at the Table” dinner, with multiple chefs. Caterina Ceraudo, farmer-chef Chris Fischer (Bettlebung Farm, Chilmark), Michele Carter, executive chef at Barbara Lynch Gruppo and Michael Schlow (Doretta Tavern, Boston). In this case too, you can buy tickets for the dinner online.

«As for 2018», Marchi offers a preview, «we’ll do all we can to go to Los Angeles too». As usual, in its 2017 American trip Identità will have the following main sponsors Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano, Acqua Panna-S.Pellegrino, Lavazza, Mirafiore Fontanafredda, Monograno Felicetti and Berlucchi.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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