Having fun before the end

32 chefs choose the best dish and wine to enjoy one step away from the Apocalypse - in a tweet

Dinner in the sky: in London you can dine hung 50

Dinner in the sky: in London you can dine hung 50 meters above the ground. Will the crane resist the end of the world?

We’ve asked 32 chefs to imagine themselves on the brink of the Apocalypse: what would they drink? And eat? And, perhaps, in what restaurant? To reply, they only had the 140 characters allowed in a tweet. Many sent two tweets, to point out their sexual and love wishes too. It’s understandable, but here we’re talking about food. Happy end of the world to everyone.

Andrea Alfieri, Majestic Gourmet, Madonna di Campiglio (Trento)
Norbert Niederkofler's foie gras variation with Cuvée Anna Clementi Rosé

Stefano Baiocco, Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano (Brescia)
I’d swim inside pasta and beans with pork rind, sausages and pork chops. And I’d enjoy a 50&50 Avignonesi & Capannelle with it

Italo Bassi, Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence
My mother’s passatelli pasta in a capon stock, unbeatable. And Krug Clos du Mesnil 1988. As for the place, I’d like to go back to Trigabolo in Argenta

Cristina Bowerman, Glass Hostaria, Rome
My grandmother’s pasta and peas with lots of pancetta: yummie! Barbera Mossa di Monbaruzzo: my mother in law, Elena, always mentions it with smiling eyes

Chicco and Bobo Cerea

Chicco and Bobo Cerea

Chicco Cerea, Da Vittorio, Brusaporto (Bergamo)
With my family, sliced bread baked in a wood oven with butter from malga and anchovies, mortadella, salami, foie gras. And a glass of bubbly

Lorenzo Cogo, El Coq, Marano Vicentino (Vicenza)
Rib of rubia gallega with Viktor Arguinzoniz and a bottle of vino tinto. To finish, a glass of Alpestre

Christian Costardi, Cinzia, Vercelli
I'd ask my brother Manuel a dessert: Nutella, mushrooms and truffle, with an Yquem 1978. Or should I dine at Troigros in Roanne?

Pietro D'Agostino, La Capinera, Taormina (Siracusa)
A good Italian rosé wine with a fish and shellfish soup with tumminia wheat grains: traditions live through time and catastrophes

Antonio Facciolo, La Brisa, Milan
Anchovies, a slice of tortilla de patatas and toasted Altamura bread. Then a gin and tonic before a Prosecco Millesimato Col Vetoraz. In Minorca

Danilo Ingannamorte, Erba Brusca, Milan
I'd cook my grandma's parmigiana and I'd buy a huge box of anchovies. Beside, 6 mixed bottles of champagne Egly Ouriet

Antonia Klugmann, L’Argine, Dolegna del Collio (Gorizia)
Spaghetti al pomodoro with a good dose of Grana Padano. Or any dish by Parini. Wine: Valentini's Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Pino Lavarra
, Rossellinis a Palazzo Sasso, Ravello (Salerno)
My mother’s meatloaf or a dinner at Zuma a Londra. Wine, a Waterbrook 2006, produced in Washington state

Mauro Mattei, Piazza Duomo, Alba (Cuneo)
If I really have to kick the bucket, I’d avoid restaurants. Rocks, raw sea urchins and J.J. Prum’s Wehlener Sonnenhur Auslese. I don’t need much, after all

Aurora Mazzucchelli

Aurora Mazzucchelli

Aurora Mazzucchelli, Marconi, Sasso Marconi (Bologna)
I’d invite everyone I love and prepare tortellini in brodo, a “wrapped” symbol of the love I feel for them

Riccardo Monco, Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence
Barolo Cannubi San Lorenzo 2003: terrific. With our sous chef Alessandro Della Tommasina’s pigeon panino, the most delicious I ever tasted

Giorgio Nava, 95 Keerom, Cape Town (South Africa)
A saffron risotto with ossobuco with a great Gaja Sperss in my restaurant, with all my staff and my dearest friends

Alessandro Negrini, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, Milan
In the Fiji islands with Spaghetti pommarola (tomato) and basil, champagne, De Andrè music and my fiancée. And the following day: cappuccino and a copy of Gazzetta dello Sport. The Maya are wrong

Davide Oldani, D’O, Cornaredo (Milan)
Out of curiosity, one of those ready-made meals. And a tetra-pack wine ;) After all, after the 21st I will only enjoy better things

Simone Padoan, I Tigli, San Bonifacio (Verona)
With my daughter and my wife at the Ecailler du Bistrot in Paris, eating oysters washed down with a Macon Quintaine Guillemot-Michel

Pasquale Palamaro, Indaco del Regina Isabella, Ischia (Naples)
My grandmother’s rabbit parmigiana and I’d drink a Perrier-Jouët at Noma in Copenhagen

Alessandro Pipero, Pipero al Rex, Rome
For me, every day is December 20th. If I had to choose, Clos du Mesnil and spaghetti with cockles, even with the sand: you eat them all the same

Francesco Frank Rizzuti, Cucina del Sud, Potenza
My mother’s “endoftheworld” lasagne, unbeatable. To drink, a Dom Pérignon Oenothèque 96

Marcello Spadone, La Bandiera, Civitella Casanova (Pescara)
My mom's (now passed away) matriciana, in front of my fireplace, sipping a Valentini's Montepulciano 1990

Marco Stabile in a drawing by Gianluca Biscalchin

Marco Stabile in a drawing by Gianluca Biscalchin

Marco Stabile, Ora d’Aria, Florence
A nice 1973 Romanée Conti, from the year I was born in, together with Massimo Bottura’s spectacular tortellino in Parmesan cream

Ciccio Sultano, Duomo, Ragusa
A Rosso del Conte 1987 (and me in 1995), with the count next to me, telling me his story. And Mario Lo Menzo’s lamb, the last of the monzù

Simone Tondo, Roseval, Paris
My grandmother’s Sardinian Cordula with peas: stomach, intestine and belly of the lamb, with Columbu’s Malvasia di Bosa 2006. At Su Gologone

Pasquale Torrente, Il Convento, Cetara (Sa)
Bread, butter and anchovies at Convento, with a champagne by Jacques Selosse

Matteo Torretta, Al V Piano, Milan
Pizza, pata negra, gin tonic with lots of lime in San Sebastian. Our sommelier Alberto Tasinato, Casavyc's pinot noir 2009 and his grandma's lasagna

Mauro Uliassi, Uliassi, Senigallia (Ancona)
At home with my family, I'd spend all my money for some kilos of Iranian beluga malossol caviar e some dozens of Jacques Selosse Rosè

Viviana Varese, Alice, Milan
A vegetables and legumes soup to eat at home together with my beloved one

Matteo Vigotti, Peck, Milan
A Sfogliatella with buffalo ricotta cheese and black cherries at Nonna Sceppa restaurant in Paestum. Never eaten such a great dessert

Ilario Vinciguerra, Ilario Vinciguerra, Gallarate (Varese)
My wife Marika’s gnocchi alla sorrentina with a Barolo by Conterno. On the balcony at my place, overlooking Monte Rosa

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