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Iside De Cesare gifts us and her husband with a recipe for this holiday, a soft Carbonara

Starting today and until February 14th, we will pu

Starting today and until February 14th, we will publish three recipes for a Valentine’s menu, for all those who fancy getting started with pots and pans and preparing something special. We start with Iside De Cesare, who runs restaurant La Parolina in Acquapendente (Viterbo) together with her husband Romano Gordini. Tomorrow, instead, we will discover her partner’s recipe

My choice of dish to open this Valentine’s menu is a Soft carbonara because I wanted to gift my husband Romano with the tradition of the town in which I was born and raised, that is to say Rome. I wanted to interpret this recipe changing the parameters of tradition, though without changing the flavours, and making a traditionally robust dish softer and tenderer on this special occasion.

Soft carbonara

Recipe for 2 people

160 g paccheri
2 eggs
100 g guanciale (pork jowl)
pecorino to taste
parmesan to taste
extra virgin olive oil

A nice family hug, with Iside, Romano and their two children

A nice family hug, with Iside, Romano and their two children

Cut the guanciale into thin stripes and meanwhile cook the pasta in lots of salted water. Drain and leave to cool, roll the guanciale around each pacchero. Whisk the egg yolks with salt, pepper 30 g of water in a bain-marie until you get a foamy mixture. Brown the paccheri in a pan, so as to make the guanciale crispy, then compose the dish by putting the savoury zabaglione on the bottom, then the paccheri and finally the pecorino, parmesan and pepper.

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Iside De Cesare

chef and owner, together with her husband Romano Gordini, of restaurant La Parolina Trevinano, near Acquapendente, Lazio region

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