Bronze drawn spaghetti, cacio, pepper, juniper and chocolate

Enrico Crippa


The spaghetti
750 g of durum wheat flour
250 g of water
50 g of flour

Cacio infusion
800 g of water
150 g of grated cheese

The cacio sauce
500 g of infusion
40 g tapioca flour

black pepper
chopped juniper
100% apuri chocolate
lemon zest
candied lemon



The pasta
Mix all the ingredients and draw through the bronze mould. Place in the fridge.

The infusion
Heat the water to 90 °C and infuse the grated cheese for about an hour.

The sauce
Add the tapioca to the infusion and reduce by one third.

Cook the spaghetti and dress with the cacio sauce. Sprinkle with pepper and juniper, the two types of lemon and then the chocolate.