IG2020 on the road

Identità on the road 2020: Klugmann is "chef of the Year", the "Dish of the Year" is Alajmo's, Guidara wins the "Twenty Years" award

The prize-giving ceremony and its 13 protagonists. The awards go also to Santini, Caceres, Cioria, Colonna, Genovese, Caruso, Ceraudo, Mazzocchi, Bracali, Giacomello

24-11-2020 | 11:00

The 13 great protagonists of Italian cuisine awarded by Identità on the road 2020. This was the launch of our new digital platform. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER IN IDENTITÀ ON THE ROAD. For info write to or call +39 02 48011841 ext. 2215

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Camanini goes in search of the "white taste"... At Identità on the road

The chef of Lido 84 – as of Monday on our digital edition – presents 7 new dishes. Starting from a hypothesis: the loss of taste memory, to free us of prejudgement

18-11-2020 | 11:00

Riccardo Camanini with Paolo Marchi in a screenshot from the masterclass of the first Identità on the road, filmed at Lido 84 in Gardone Riviera (Brescia). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND VIEW IDENTITÀ ON THE ROAD. For info write to or call +39 02 48011841 ext. 2215

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Here's what Identità on the road is like

Travelling from one end of Italy to the other is the secret of an online edition with the same thrill I had when I travelled for the Ski World Cup. With me, today, Passera and Zanatta

06-11-2020 | 11:00

Paolo Marchi on the terrace of the parking of Lido 84, the restaurant of Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini in Gardone Riviera (Brescia)

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Identità Golose changes but doesn't stop: here's how Identità on the road - Digital edition will work

We presented the new format: 20 stops around Italy, around 70 speakers, and everything will then go online as of the 16th of November. Here's what Marchi, Ceroni, Bottura, Bowerman, Oldani, Rampello said. The "normal" congress will be in June 2021

19-10-2020 | 17:00

On Friday morning Claudio Ceroni, Davide Rampello, Cristina Bowerman, Davide Oldani and Paolo Marchi in the oval hall of Identità Golose Milano during the press conference to present Identità on the road - Digital edition. During the meeting Massimo Bottura also participated online 

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IDENTITÀ GOLOSE ON THE ROAD - DIGITAL EDITION: the stories from the restaurant and hospitality industries continue

The 2020 edition of the congress changes format. Here is a small preview. All the details will be revealed during the press conference on Friday 16th October

14-10-2020 | 15:00
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The new direction of contemporary pizza explained by 16 speakers at Identità Golose

"Identità di pane e di pizza", the section dedicated to bread, dough, and toppings, returns in Milan to build a new future in this field which portrays Italy's identity

08-10-2020 | 11:00

The speakers at Identità di Pane e di Pizza, 16 masters of pizza under the spotlight, for eight very interesting lessons throughout the entire day on Monday 26th October in Sala Blu 2 at MiCo in Milan, always in collaboration with Petra® Molino Quaglia. From the top left corner: Ciro Oliva, Cesare Foschi, Christian Marasco, the Donne di Pizza Donne di CuoreSimone Padoan, Friedrich Schmuck, Luca Pezzetta, Fabrizio MancinettiFrancesco Martucci.


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Italian contemporary pastry-making presents its future

Focus on the Identità Golose 2020 format dedicated to desserts: nine lessons with as many speakers what with established and new faces

06-10-2020 | 11:00

The nine speakers of Pasticceria italiana contemporanea, Sunday 25th October, the entire day in Sala Blu 2 at Identità Milano 2020, in collaboration with Petra® Molino Quaglia and Valrhona. Top row, from the left Corrado Assenza (Caffè Sicilia, Noto - Syracuse); Nicola Olivieri (Olivieri 1882, Arzignano – Vicenza); Gianni Zaghetto (Pasticceria Racca, Padua). In the middle row: Angelica Giannuzzi (Pashà, Conversano - Bari); Fabio Longhin (Pasticceria Chiara, Olgiate Olona - Varese); Anna Sartori (Pasticceria Sartori, Erba - Como); bottom row Diletta Zenna (Lazzaro 1915, Pontelongo – Padua); Nicola Di Lena (Seta del Mandarin Oriental, Milan); Fabrizio Fiorani (Pastry consultant). TO REGISTER IN IDENTITÀ MILANO 2020, CLICK HERE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS

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