Mixed liquid salad, Jerusalem artichoke, black olives and chocolate

Andrea Berton - Gianluca Fusto

For the mixed liquid salad
251 g of mineral water
402 g of Glaciale
50 g of samphire
15 g of oyster leaf
151 g of curly endive
10 g of sherry vinegar
20 g of unrefined salt
150 g of ice

For the mixed liquid salad
500 g of mixed liquid salad
150 g of still mineral water
40 g of sugar
3 g of xanthan gel
20 g of extra virgin olive oil

For the Geraci black olive and chocolate cream
117 g of whole UHT milk
5 g of gelatine
98 g of Guanaja 70% chocolate
37 g of Geraci olive paté
8 g of extra virgin olive oil
234 g of fresh cream

For the Jerusalem artichoke
1,000 g of Jerusalem artichoke

For the Amalfi lemon and lime mousse
178 g of still mineral water
209 g of sugar
5 g of lime zest
193 g of Amalfi lemon juice
15 g of 200 Bloom powdered gelatine



For the mixed liquid salad
Blend all the ingredients in a Bimby to obtain a smooth liquid. Filter through a fine Chinoise sieve and chill immediately.

For the mixed salad liquid
Add the sugar to the xanthan, dilute in the water and mix well for 5 minutes. Bring to the boil in a deep pan. Put 500 g of frozen salad mixture in the Bimby, add the hot syrup and mix to obtain a smooth consistency. Then ass the oil and mix again for one minute.

For the Geraci black olive and chocolate cream
Melt the chocolate at 50 °C, add the olive paté, the oil and salt. Heat the milk and add the previously softened and squeezed gelatine. Add the chocolate a little at a time, mixing energetically to obtain a supple, shiny structure, indicating that the emulsion is well prepared. End with the cold cream. Leave the cream to crystallise in the fridge for at least 6 hours before using it.

For the Jerusalem artichoke
Immerse the Jerusalem artichoke in a pan with plenty of cold water. Place on the heat, cook, drain and leave to cool. Remove the Jerusalem artichoke skin and soak it in the sugar syrup (1:1 water-sugar) for 5 seconds.
Dry the skin in a fan oven at 70 °C. Fry for a few minutes in boiling oil before serving.

For the Amalfi lemon and lime mousse
Grate the lime zest, add it to the sugar and leave in infusion for 5 minutes. Prepare a sugar and water syrup and bring to the boil. Add the Amalfi lemon juice and the softened, squeezed gelatine, and bring back to the boil. Filter and leave to jellify in the fridge overnight. Whisk the jellified syrup in the planetary mixer to obtain a mousse consistency. End by adding the grated lime zest. Use before the mousse sets.

Final preparation
Whip up the lemon mousse and pour it into 18 cm square moulds to a height of 2 cm. Fry the Jerusalem artichokes just before serving. Prepare the olive cream in an icing bag with a smooth nozzle.

Make 3 dashes of olive cream on the plate. Position the Jerusalem artichoke and make another 3 dashes across the surface. Top with 3 1.5 cm cubes of lemon mousse. Decorate with three Glaciale sprouts. Complete with the liquid salad just before serving.