Identità Golose 2020: the final (almost) programme of the congress

The dates are confirmed: 24th-26th October. The theme will be different though: "Build a New Future", with a different emblem dish. Here is an overview

The almost final programme of Identità Golose 2020 is online (click here). The 16th edition of the greatest and most authoritative international congress on cuisine, pastry making and hospitality is scheduled on the 24th-26th October in Milan. Giving birth to it has been, as everyone knows, more complex than usual: the event was meant to take place in March, like every year; but then when the pandemic first materialised, we immediately postponed it to early in July, a date that seemed reasonable at the time, when Covid-19 still hadn’t shown how dangerous it is. Third time lucky, then.

It wasn’t just the dates that changed: there’s a new emblem dish too, Rib steak in broth from Riccardo Camaniniwe explained his idea here; and there’s a different theme, Build a New Future, because Identità Golose 2020 will first of all discuss the rebirth of the industry after the lockdown.

Paolo Marchi

Paolo Marchi

As Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of Identità Golose explained:

«Over two months of confinement, all stuck at home, have left a deep mark in every aspect of society. Never as when the corona virus started to spread we’ve been talking ceaselessly of the Sense of responsibility, so much so that for us, having chosen it as the theme for Identità Golose 2020, it was as if we were experiencing it personally, a mantra for every action aimed at the rebirth of Italy in every aspect, including restaurants.
The very way in which we conceive the restaurant industry, in its different formats, wherever in the world, was upturned. Not only in Italy. So we were forced to think of a rebirth, of new formats, new policies, new ways of approaching clients and the staff too, to consider tradition and innovation as closely connected as ever. 
It is for these reasons that we changed the theme of October, keeping the explicit hint at the Sense of Responsibility. Which is by itself no longer enough. Hence what may sound as an invitation: Build a new future


The structure of the congress is instead almost unchanged. It will spread over three days, from Saturday 24th to Monday 26th October, with the Auditorium welcoming the speakers who will discuss the overall theme, while the other rooms at MiCo in Milan will point the spotlight on various themes, some classic (Pasta, Pizza, Dining Room Service, Pastry making, Champagne...) and some new.

For the detailed programme – only a few lessons are still to be confirmed – please follow this link. But here is an overview of the three days.

Rib steak in broth from Riccardo Camanini: this is new the emblem dish of Identità Golose 2020, replacing the one initially meant for March, Corrado Assenza’s Cassata alla siciliana. The photo is from Brambilla-Serrani

Rib steak in broth from Riccardo Camanini: this is new the emblem dish of Identità Golose 2020, replacing the one initially meant for March, Corrado Assenza’s Cassata alla siciliana. The photo is from Brambilla-Serrani

The programme for Saturday 24th October will see the Auditorium featuring the theme of the congress, Build a New Future, right from the start, as interpreted during ten speeches. Meanwhile, the other rooms will start their works too. In Sala Blu 1 Identità di Gelato returns in collaboration with Motor Power, with great professionals presenting their point of view. Identità di Champagne – Atelier des Grandes Dames, in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot also returns, and will continue throughout the three days, always with female speakers. There’s a debut for Identità Eccellenti, in Sala Blu 2: nine lessons on every different aspect of cooking, a sort of free container full of ideas.

In the Auditorium works on the theme of the congress, Build a New Future, continue, with many great toques. There will also be a special "Tribute to San Domenico di Imola’s 50 years", celebrating the historic Italian restaurant. Four more rooms will be at work: in Sala Blu 1 the classic Identità di Pasta, with Italy’s emblem dish interpreted by eight chefs, both old and new acquaintances. In Sala Blu 2 we’ll discuss Contemporary Italian Pastry-Making, in collaboration with Petra® Molino Quaglia and Valrhona: starting with Corrado Assenza, and closing with Fabrizio Fiorani, with seven more exceptional speakers in between. In Sala Gialla 1 new edition of the increasingly popular Identità di Sala session, dedicated to dining room service, in collaboration with Cantine Ferrari. Finally, toasts and pairings continue at Identità di Champagne – Atelier des Grandes Dames.

As usual, the last day it’s fireworks. Massimo Bottura will intervene on the theme of the congress, as always, and with him, in the morning in the Auditorium, there will also be Riccardo Camanini and Niko Romito. Before lunch, there will also be Cantine Ferrari: l’arte dell’ospitalità, a talk show dedicated to the art of hospitality. The afternoon will be sweet, thanks to Dossier Dessert, in collaboration with Valrhona. In the other rooms, focus on green cuisine with Identità Naturali in Sala Blu 1; the awaited Identità di Pane e di Pizza, in collaboration with Petra® Molino Quaglia, will have eight lessons in Sala Blu 2 with young faces and great masters. And last day, finally, for Identità di Champagne – Atelier des Grandes Dames.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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