Giuseppe Rizzo

Credits Brambilla - Serrani

Credits Brambilla - Serrani

Ristorante Pizzeria Dell'Angolo

via Villoresi, 71/73
Vittuone (Milano)


Born in 1968, Giuseppe Rizzo is enjoying an interesting story in Vittuone, in the North-West outskirts of Milan. His parents, mother from Benevento and father from Battipaglia, took over the village trattoria in the late Seventies and in 1988 bought l’Angolo, a house transformed into restaurant-pizzeria: southern cuisine, «with lots of vegetables and legumes» and pizza, the traditional Neapolitan one, with a thick edge. In the Nineties, their son’s ambition for what is good and of high quality started to prevail. He was a self-trained charmed on the way to mother yeast by Eugenio Pol. The legendary baker from Val Sesia was the one to urge him to learn the concepts of gourmet pizza from another master of this art, namely Simone Padoan of I Tigli in San Bonifacio.

Here Giuseppe had an intuition: he understood that even the traditional (and beloved) Neapolitan pizza can shift into a higher gear with the heterodox mother yeast. The lessons at Università della Pizza and PizzaUp – he attended 3 editions, one after the other – did the rest. So the cosy veranda at L’Angolo became a laboratory for delicious dough. All those who enter must be ready to surrender to the lovely whole-wheat focaccia (the winter one with Salmon, artichokes, lemon zest and two types of robiola proves that the perfect deliciousness exist) and to the very aromatic pizzas, all with a thick and crispy edge and very rich toppings, chosen according to the season.

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