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Eating good boiled meat in Milan

One of the big classics in winter cuisine: here’s where to find it in Milan (and nearby)


Bollito Misto [Mixed boiled meat] is perhaps not the most photogenic dish you could think of. It certainly is a delicacy a gourmand can hardly resist: in this article, food-lovers can find eight restaurants in Milan that are a sure hit

Read | 16-11-2015 | Fuori Expo

New culinary destinations in Milan

Openings and gourmet renovations in the shade of the Duomo: from Cerea to Guida, from Perdomo to Sukyas


Mandarin Oriental, 5 star luxury hotel with eight years of works before its opening, brought a great chef like Antonio Guida to Milan, assigning him the beautiful restaurant Seta: this is one of the most intriguing novelties to enrich the gourmet scene in town, between the summer and September

Read | 21-09-2015 | Fuori Expo

There’s a big ferment in the kitchen

From Aichi, the cradle of Japanese fermented food, to Italy: this is how our gastronomic culture can be enriched


The traditional production of miso at Maruya Haccho Miso: the firm was established in 1337. Soy and salt – said patron Asai Nobutaro in Milan – go in these wood barrels with a 2-metre diameter, on top of which they place 400-500 stones, a total of 3 tons. They are then left to ferment for two years

Read | 26-08-2015 | Fuori Expo

What world would it be without umami

A summit in Milan legitimized the fifth flavour: which has no borders in space or time

24-08-2015 | 12:00

A group photo at the end of the umami summit in Milan: left to right Luca Fantin, Laura Santtini, Ito Masatoshi (chairman at Ajinomoto), Yuko Hayashi (the wife of the Japanese minister for agriculture, Masatoshi Hayashi),Gabriella Morini, Kumiko Ninomiya, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Yoshihiro Murata and Stefania Viti

Read | 24-08-2015 | 12:00 | Fuori Expo

Gourmet August in Milan

We’ve chosen for you 12 places where to eat well in town even in the hardest month of the year


One of the two scenic swimming pools at Ceresio 7, which for an August day in Milan could reveal to be very tempting. The restaurant guided by Elio Sironi is one of the places that will welcome you during the next few weeks (it will only be closed on 14-17th August), just like the other 11 restaurants we have selected

Read | 03-08-2015 | Fuori Expo

Dining between Garibaldi and Isola

12 (plus one) tasty places where to eat lovely food when strolling in Milan


Ratanà’s beautiful dehors, in the heart of the Isola neighbourhood, allows us to introduce our selection of the best restaurants in this fascinating area of Milan

Read | 27-07-2015 | Fuori Expo

The best food in the Navigli area

Ten (plus one) places where to dine well around Milan’s canals, undergoing a true rebirth

20-07-2015 | 12:00

While the possibility of reopening the original network of the Navigli is being discussed in Milan, the two main canals in town, Pavese and Grande, are enjoying a significant relaunch (photo by Elisa Pella)

Read | 20-07-2015 | 12:00 | Fuori Expo