The final celebration in Boston

Identità’s 8th trip to the United States ends with a special dinner in “the most beautiful Eataly store in America"

Together with Nicola Farinetti and Paolo Marchi, t

Together with Nicola Farinetti and Paolo Marchi, the protagonists of the dinner at restaurant Terra inside Eataly Boston: left to right, Michael Schlow, Caterina Ceraudo, Chris Fischer and Michele Carter (photo and photo gallery by Brambilla/Serrani)


The 8th edition of Identità in the United States ended on Saturday with a “premiere”: the dinner in Boston, at restaurant Terra inside Eataly in Prudential Plaza, a skyscraper a few blocks from the Public Library and the Atlantic Ocean.

A special night, with a meeting of toques of local (Michael Schlow of Doretta Tavern, Michele Carter of Barbara Lynch Gruppo, Chris Fischer of Beetlebung Factory, in nearby Martha’s Vineyard) and Italian chefs (tireless Caterina Ceraudo of Dattilo, in Calabria). Menus and moments you can see in detail in the photo gallery, on top of these notes.

The fact we were in the «most beautiful Eataly store in America» contributed to the success of the event. The quote is from Dino Borri, director of all the American stores owned by Farinetti and Guerra. And it is true, because the latest example is always the most seductive. Most of all, it is the most efficient, as it is the result of the previous experiences (in this case, Eataly Flatiron and Downtown and Eataly Chicago), which serve to fine tune the following ones. 

A 3,500 square metres store (6,000 in Chicago) which in the space of 10 months has already become the second source of income in the United States. It employs 600 people out of the 3,500 total employees in the New Continent, who are at work assisting 15,000 clients per week. They all make at least a stop at the Cannoli Bar, the very popular novelty, and then pop down to the classic restaurants Piazza, Pasta and Pizza. But they also often shop at Quick Service, a novelty in Boston, already very popular.

All this, in view of the new openings scheduled in the United States and Canada: in Los Angeles (coming up), Las Vegas and Toronto (end of 2018-beginning of 2019) keeping an eye on Washington, San Francisco, Texas and a second store to be defined in Canada.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso


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Caterina Ceraudo and Iacopo Zambarbieri
Susy Ceraudo and her husband Luigi
Razor clams and musky octopus in acquapazza by Michele Carter of Barbara Lynch Gruppo
Agnolotti with stew and brown butter by Michael Schlow, Doretta Tavern in Boston