Recharging in Slovakia

A fun, interactive and dynamic pavilion. And one of the most filling and cheapest restaurants

In front of the entrance to the Slovakian pavilion

In front of the entrance to the Slovakian pavilion you can admire the enlargements of the famous Heads by Baroque sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, created at the end of the 18th century in Pressburg, today’s Bratislava

A dynamic and colourful country offering a structured and complete itinerary in its pavilion: the participation of Slovakia at Expo Milano 2015 is based on the pillars of historical, cultural and natural variety and on the symbiotic synergy of the different spaces.

How to take care of the energy for life? Slovakia replies with biodiversity: even inside the agricultural ecosystem, in a country famous for its endless fields of wheat, all the different aspects of the food chain coexist, from small farms to large energy plants.

The title chosen by Slovakia for its pavilion is “Recharge yourself”: this idea of energy is developed in two parts: the first, called the Recharging Zone, is the relax outdoor space in which a huge battery stands out, where visitors can take a break and recharge their smartphones.

The socalled Venus of Moravany: a statuette made with mammoth ivory dated around 22,800 B.C.

The socalled Venus of Moravany: a statuette made with mammoth ivory dated around 22,800 B.C.

The second section represents the energy and variety of Slovakia. It is located inside the pavilion and it is a space where you can discover the idea of energy connected with modernity and cultural traditions through six themes: tradition, innovation, sport, culture, experiences and nutrition.

Slovakia thus presents itself as a lively and young country, offering not just a large quantity of experiences and beautiful places but also many ideas and creative and successful people. Here they present Futuristic inventions such as the Ecocapsules, light, tiny, movable, entirely independent (in terms of energy and fresh water) houses. An example of these should soon arrive to be set in front of the pavilion. Or such as the AeroMobil, a prototype of flying car that seems taken from a comic strip yet it is absolutely concrete.

The totally contemporary approach of the pavilion is also demonstrated by a marked interactive character: every visitor can use a tablet that serves as a guide, and can play with the virtual reality offered by technological glasses that allow you to travel across Slovakia without leaving Rho, or experience how it is possible to endlessly rotate the image of a sculpture from 23 thousand years ago, the Venus of Moravany, by handling a prism.

Restaurant Andy Warhol inside the Slovakian pavilion

Restaurant Andy Warhol inside the Slovakian pavilion

The visit ends in the restaurant dedicated to Andy Warhol: indeed the very famous artist who more than any other incarnated Pop Art, was born in the United States to parents immigrated from Slovakia. On top of the excellent beer, you can find traditional, tasty and rich dishes sold at very competitive prices. So much so that the managers joke and say that often the people working in the adjacent pavilion, that of Japan, come to dine in Slovakia.

At lunchtime Slovakians prefer eating a soup and there are four in the menu, including the very traditional Kapustnica, made with cabbage, dried plums and Trenčín sausage. The national Slovakian dish is instead Bryndzové halušky, a sort of potato gnocchi with sheep cheese. There is also meat, as with Lamb shin, Beef Guláš or Duck leg with lokše, typical pancakes from West Slovakia.

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