2016 dish by dish (4)

Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche: 50 beautiful creations between Piacenza and Senigallia

by Carlo Passera e Gabriele Zanatta


Massimiliano Poggi, Al Cambio, Bologna

Egg, asparagus and Parmigiano. Tradition, not only from Bologna but from Italy too. I start from tradition and transform the textures: the fried part is no longer the egg but the asparagus. A preview of the spring
Alessandro Panichi, Sotto l'Arco, Bologna

Squilla mantis, radicchio, bottarga and raspberry. Sweet, bitter, sour and savoury (photo by Bob Noto)
Isa Mazzocchi, La Palta, Borgonovo Valtidone (Piacenza)

Batarò with wild mustard, catfish and pancetta. A sort of squeezed bread, with some polenta, filled with cold cuts from Piacenza (it is mostly served in Val Tidone). Piacenza in a batarò
Alberto Faccani, Magnolia, Cesenatico (Forlì-Cesena)

Red mullet, amaretto, saffron and lemon. The sweetness and fatness of the red mullet, the alcoholic note of the almond liqueur, the depth of the saffron and the sourness of the lemon. A tribute to Italy and the Mediterranean Sea

After the Northwest, Lombardy and the Northeast, we continue our preview of the best new dishes in Italian fine dining. Today we travel across 4 regions in the Northern part of Central Italy: Emilia Romagna, Florence, Umbria and Marche. A pinwheel of great names.

A thrilling journey across sea and turf recipes; between the Apennines, the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Seas; first courses with durum wheat or filled pasta and risotto; game dishes and wafers made with burnt wheat, soups and mixtures of wild herbs, traditional and modern establishments... A selection that fully represents the great resources and the chefs on which this "Middle Earth" is founded. Restaurants often offering a beautiful scenery too, what with the hills, the sea and  the mountains. So you can start a great 2016.

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