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Infinito Ornellaia

The presentation of the 2011 vintage. A more reliable investment than gold and petrol


Alex Heinz, oenologist at Ornellaia, at Sotheby’s auction house in Milan, on the occasion of the presentation of the 2011 vintage of Vendemmia d’ArtistaL’Infinito. Art and wine are ever more intertwined in the strategies of the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi family

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From Avellino to the top of the World’s 50 Best: Zuccardi’s talent for wine

The Argentinian winery, created by the descendants of immigrants from Irpinia, is number one in The World’s 50 Best Vineyards. Here’s the story

08-07-2020 | 13:00

The vineyards of Zuccardi - Valle de Uco, in the background, the majestic Andes

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Olivier Borneuf and his first World Sauternes Day

A whole day dedicated to this great wine, with a global webinar exploring its qualities and versatility

06-07-2020 | 11:00

A collage of photos of some of the many participants in the World Sauternes Day

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Julie Cavil, first female Chef de Cave at Maison Krug, presents the Grande Cuvée 168 with Olivier Krug

Historic handover in Reims: for the first time the assemblage of the cuvées is handed to a woman

29-05-2020 | 07:00
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Communication and investments: Matteo Lunelli’s recipe for a new start

The president of Cantine Ferrari and Altagamma: the blow hit hard, we will recover if we will preserve the current cohesion and give value to Made in Italy. To restaurateurs I say: hang in there, the desire for conviviality will win

21-04-2020 | 12:00

Matteo Lunelli since 2011 is president and CEO at Cantine Ferrari, Trento. In this interview he illustrates his personal experience with the Coronavirus emergency, as well as strategy that Italy as a system (and the hospitality industry in particular, which was hit particularly hard) will need to adopt to recover. He says: «We’ll make it». Here is how...

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A tasting of Prague and the Czech Republic, what with beer, wine and gin

«This is a city you should visit multiple times», The people at the tourism bureau explain. Here are some excellent, drinkable reasons

24-01-2020 | 11:00

A fascinating view of Prague, a city worth discovering even from a wine & food point of view 

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Silence, Krug is speaking

The famous Maison presented the Grande Cuvée 167ème Édition. Participants were asked to turn off their phones

08-08-2019 | 11:00

(photos from Claudia Calegari)

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