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Japan, the journey of food

The most yearned for pavilion at Expo presents food from the fields to the table. And invites people to reflect

13-10-2015 | 14:00

The Pavilion of Japan, almost at the eastern edge of Expo, two floors designed by architect Atsushi Kitagawara: it is made with 17K pieces of wood, fitted so as to let natural light filter through. Conceived to highlight the concept of "harmonious diversity", it welcomes 8K visitors per day, on average. The goal is to reach a total of 2 million by the end of the World Fair

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Let’s meet in Kazakhstan

We present the pavilion and the traditional food of the state to host the "mini-Expo" in 2017


The exterior of the pavilion of Kazakhstan, one of the most beautiful and visited at Expo 2015. It presents Astana 2017, that is to say the next mini-World Fair, scheduled in two years time for 3 months

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Germany and the Fields of Ideas

The German pavilion at Expo 2015 is one of the most complete and best focused on the theme of the fair


The title of the German Pavilion at Expo is Fields of Ideas. It is a large, airy exhibition area, very full of content and in-depth analyses

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Diving Czech-style

Nature, technology, beer. The European republic offers fun and solace in its pavilion

A night view of the entrance to the pavilion of the Czech Republic, with the swimming pool, the bar and the large sculpture purifying the water in the fountain
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Cuisine according to Elena

Arzak, in the Spanish pavilion at Expo, explains her restaurant concept. We sum it up in this decalogue


Elena and Juan Marì Arzak in their “Banco de Sabores” (photo by Coconut)

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From Chile with love

A love chain between places and people: we visited the pavilion of the South American country

18-08-2015 | 16:00

The Chilean Pavilion at Expo 2015 presents the gastronomic uniqueness of this Andean country

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Will these be the fields of the future?

At Expo, Israel’s pavilion explains the miracle of a fertile, sustainable and technological agriculture


The "vertical field" is for sure one of the major attractions in the pavilion of Israel at Expo 2015: rice, wheat and corn are cultivated through drop irrigation, saving space, water and energy

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