Pan Fried Scallops Herefordshire Snails, Vacherin Mont d’or

Marcus Eaves

2 large scallops
6 large Herefordshire snails (braised in smoked bacon and red wine)
100 g basic chicken mousse
10 g mixed soft herbs
caramelised artichoke puree
1 stick of celery
50 g of white seedless grapes
trompette de la mor
peeled walnuts
vacherin mont d’or
walnut oil
xanthium gum


First of all mix the chicken mousse, soft herbs and snails together and incorporate well. Once mixed, roll into a cylinder and poach for 10 -12 minutes and refresh using ice water. Slice and “pané”.

Dice the celery and slice the grapes. Mix together with good quality walnut oil and season with salt.

Put the vacherin mont d’or in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add a table spoon of xanthium gum to stabilise the cheese.

Saute the trompette mushrooms and add to the grape mixture.
Sear the scallops and fry the snail discs. Arrange in line with the grape mix around the outside.

Add the vacherin at the last minute