Healthy, natural and vegetarian cuisine

Eggless, at last

A recipe by Simone Salvini for Meringue wafers made with grass peas, grass pea pâté and coconut butter

26-07-2015 | 12:00

Vegan chef Simone Salvini (here together with Luca Cimini who works with him in the kitchen of the new Lord Bio in Macerata) tells us how after a careful research he has found the right way to make meringues... without eggs. Thanks to legumes’ cooking water

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New Year’s Day terrine

A raw-diet and tasty dish to celebrate the occasion in a triumph of winter vegetables


The raw cauliflower "Terrine" with herbs and almond curdle by Daniela Cicioni, a light and full of taste raw-diet solution for New Year’s Day dinner (and after). Photo by Livia Sala

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Dark chocolate torroncini

Simone Salvini presents a totally sugar free dessert with oriental influences


This recipe by vegan chef Simone Salvini could be a good way of offering a different and original dessert during the holidays. In order to give balance to this dish, he was inspired by the lessons of Ayurvedic tradition

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Eggless sponge cake

Roberta Pezzella, an innovative recipe and the foundations for health-friendly and vegan pastry-making


Roberta Pezzella’s eggless sponge cake. She’s a bread maker at Gabriele Bonci’s Panificio Bonci in Via Trionfale 36 in Rome, a volcano of ideas: the laboratory will soon become 300 square metres large. Besides a sandwich shop and a vegetarian pastry shop, a restaurant that will be born in 2015 is currently under evaluation

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Cauliflower and Roman cabbage couscous

Simone Salvini presenta una ricetta che è anche un omaggio al mondo della cucina crudista


A healthy diet can also be creative, original, tasty. Chef Simone Salvini returns on these pages with a new recipe dedicated to raw cuisine, based on delicious ingredients that are also full of nutrients that are useful for our body: like cruciferae, here represented by Roman cabbage and cauliflower, and almonds

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Precious tempeh

Discovering the food made with fermented yellow soybeans. A great vegetarian resource


(foto Emanuele De Marco)

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A futuristic French classic

Daniela Cicioni’s salade niçoise is a raw itinerary between fields, gardens and seas


I Giardini, i campi e il mare [The gardens, the fields and the sea] the colourful summer salad by vegan chef Daniela Cicioni: herbs, vegetables, flowers, raw fish and lupin beans

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