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Niederkofler: we’ll travel less, we’ll discover the wonders of Italy

«We don’t have a leader nor a shared vision, but there are great opportunities». A long interview with the chef from South Tyrol

27-05-2020 | 12:00

Norbert Niederkofler, born in 1961, chef at restaurant St. Hubertus inside Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano (Bolzano), 3 Michelin stars (portrait by Alex Moling)

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Arrigo Cipriani and the Alajmo brothers: our dear Venice, you will be reborn

A Biennale of Taste, and other ideas to start again. Three prominent speakers and a passionate live chat on Instagram

18-05-2020 | 12:00

From the top left corner, clockwise: Raffaele Alajmo, journalist Fabio BusettoArrigo Cipriani an Massimiliano Alajmo, the participants of the live show on Instagram that you can watch again here on Youtube

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Stefaan Anckaert, Birra del Borgo: the emergency sharpens your wits

E-commerce, a rigorous focus on product, the identity of Italian beer: the company’s commitment in the words of its GM

27-04-2020 | 12:00

Stefaan Anckaert, managing director at Birra del Borgo

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Lido 84, a family. Every morning at 11, Skype call with the brigade

Riccardo Camanini tells us about these days of pause, reflection, discussion. «We’re immersed in a drama, but we must think of the future, together with my young staff»

03-04-2020 | 12:00

Riccardo Camanini, patron-chef at Lido 84 in Gardone Riviera (Brescia). With his brother Giancarlo, every morning at 11 he calls the entire brigade on Skype, all at home, for three hours, so they can share ideas, hopes, outlooks, and projects for the future 

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A portentous food drive in Bergamo. Cerea: we’re starting on Monday. Thanks for the help

Work in progress at the mega-field-hospital, offers of food for hundreds of meals per day are arriving from all around the world. Chicco Cerea: «We’ll take care of preparing them. We’re touched by the support we’ve received. Here’s how we will organise ou

26-03-2020 | 12:00

The video, made seven days ago, with which Chicco Cerea launched the food drive to supply everything that was necessary to serve hundreds and hundreds of meals each day to doctors and patients from the new field hospital currently being installed in Bergamo. Da Vittorio’s team will run the canteen. The chef’s appeal was not in vain: all sorts of products are arriving, so much so that donations are currently put on hold because there’s no more space for the time being 

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Massimo Bottura: 'There will always be a future in our future'

A chat with the chef from Francescana: a live interview on Instagram with Paolo Marchi, followed by an off-air

20-03-2020 | 12:00

Massimo Bottura, in a frame from one of the many live videos shared on his Instagram account 

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Salotto 42, an aperitif in front of the temple

A book-bar with fresh new takes on classic cocktails, open from morning to night. An innovative concept in the heart of Rome

19-02-2020 | 11:00

The view overlooking the Temple of Adrian from Salotto 42, Piazza di Pietra 42, Rome, tel. +39066785804, open from 10.30 a.m. to 2 a.m. (photo Salotto 42)

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