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The importance of being Ernst

A counter seating only 12 people and an upstanding, Canadian 26-year-old chef. Analysing an establishment in Berlin ready to make its leap

15-11-2019 | 11:00

Dylan Watson-Brawn, originally from Vancouver and born in 1993, at work at Ernst in Berlin, Germany, 118th in the World's 50Best 2019 (photo

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Sushi M in Tokyo, when sake is as important as sushi

The classic Japanese format can also be innovative. The example is given by Nakamura's and Hanare's restaurant

13-11-2019 | 11:00

Michimasa Nakamura, sushi chef, and Yoshinobu Kimura, sommelier at Sushi M in Tokyo (photo Sushi M)

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The debut of Bogota Madrid Fusion: Colombian pride

In the opening lesson from Harry Sasson and the story of palmito’s farming and its social role

12-11-2019 | 11:00

Group photo with the chefs invited to the first edition of Bogotá Madrid Fusion

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Eight magnificent restaurants in New York

Casual Korean dining, starred signature cuisine, the perfect breakfast and a new Italian place. Manhattan is always at its best

11-11-2019 | 11:00

The vegetarian entrée at Blue Hill at Stone BarnsDan Barber’s acclaimed establishment (photo

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DAM: the rise of Slovenian chefs

A visit to the restaurant/hotel of Uros and Danijela Fakuc in Nova Gorica, a couple who perfectly understands the meaning of hospitality

07-11-2019 | 11:00

The entrance to DAM boutique hotel & restaurant in Ulica Vinka Vodopivca 24 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, a stone’s throw away from the Italian border 

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Homa, pioneers of Serbian fine dining

Discovering the restaurant of Filip Ćirić and Vlastimir Puhalo, the first interesting establishment in Belgrade

30-10-2019 | 11:00

The staff at Homa, since 2011 the first fine dining establishment in Belgrade, Serbia

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Crete, shaped by Constadina

At restaurant Pelagos with Voulgari Kontesopoulou, a cook who translates simple traditional dishes into knowledgeable creations

26-10-2019 | 11:00

Constadina Voulgari Kontesopoulou, chef at restaurant Pelagos on the beach of Ierapetra, Crete, Greece

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