Ruinart: art and champagne

The successful project continues this year too, leading to the creation of a special artwork

In an exclusive preview for Identità Golose, here

In an exclusive preview for Identità Golose, here’s the new Ruinart box set, a limited edition available as of October 2016

Ruinart, that is to say the most ancient Maison of Champagne, has been participating for quite some time in the most important international contemporary art fairs. Every year it also collaborates with a different artist who, inspired by the Maison, creates a Masterpiece and a limited-edition case, which will be available in the autumn of 2016.

This year they collaborate with artist
Erwin Olaf, an internationally renowned photographer who portrayed the “Crayères”, the ancient chalk caves and the cellars of the Maison in Reims, in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2015. Olaf is originally from The Netherlands. He’s considered a multidisciplinary artist, famous for his attention to perfection and precision, a man capable of making sure that his stylised works always refer to social issues and taboos.

Every picture conceals words of solitude, love, youth. It speaks of the body as well as of death. His original work created for
Ruinart illustrates the unique story of the "Crayères" through his photographic point of view: his lens. 26 pictures that will thrill those who have visited the Maison.

Riccardo Caliceti, Senior Brand Manager at Ruinart, Francesca Terragni, Marketing and Communication Director at Champagne, Wine & Spirits Moet Hennessy and Erwin Olaf

Riccardo Caliceti, Senior Brand Manager at RuinartFrancesca Terragni, Marketing and Communication Director at Champagne, Wine & Spirits Moet Hennessy and Erwin Olaf

Riccardo Caliceti, Senior Brand Manager Ruinart, says: «We’re happy of this partnership with Erwin Olaf because it helps us to rediscover the cellars of the most ancient Maison of Champagne. Seeing them through his lens is like visiting them for the first time. We like the idea of sharing the secrets of the "Crayères", something only an artist like him could understand and unveil».

Masterpiece will be displayed in over 30 international fairs: Miart in Milan, Art in Brussels, Kyotographie in Kyoto, Gallery Weekend in Berlin, Art Basel in Basel, Masterpiece in London, Paris Photo in Paris and Miami Art Basel in Miami. Art is a theme coherent with the Ruinart Network project which for quite some time has found an excellent synergy with the Identità Golose Guide.

The Ruinart space at Miart 

The Ruinart space at Miart 

Through the
Ruinartes network, Ruinart’s cuvées’ lovers can find the best places where to taste and experience the Maison and its Champagne. Registering is very simple, just visit, fill in the form and become an authentic Ruinartes.

After the success at
Identità Golose 2016 with Identità di Champagne and Ruinart, on 6th June at pizzeria Bioesserì in Via Fatebenefratelli 2 in Milano there will be a Pizza &Champagne Ruinart dinner event with Franco Pepe of pizzeria Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo (Caserta). Once unusual, this is now a current and successful way of pairing French bubbles with gourmet pizzas, with the involvement of one of the greatest pizzaioli in our country.


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