Bread, salted butter & raspberry
Parmesan rice cream with red beetroot sauce
4.0 Everything began
Lemon-scented rice with soya caramelised eel
Roast sirloin aromatised with vine shoots, filaments of thyme and natural colorants, ash, salt and crispy radishes
Sheep's milk curd and hay dressed with burnt fern leaves, pumpkin glazed with unsweetened syrup
Potatoes cooked in grey clay with a light cream of confit garlic and free-range egg yolks
Puff of iced seawater
Red mullet whitebait with oregano ice-cream, kombu seaweed and Etna sour cherry syrup
Green tea tartlet with Navelli saffron prawn and orange salad ice-cream
Mushroom consommé flavoured with garden and forest herbs
Foie Gras Royale ‘ Texture of Corn’
Wild Hare, Chocolate, Watercress and Birch Sap
...a simple salad
Savoy cabbage emulsion with veal bone-marrow and anchovies with ash
Pigeon baked in oak ash with cooked must sauce
Soft potato with verbena and roast kidney
Crispy goose leg with foie gras potatoes and scallion
Potato Dumplings with Squab in Guazzetto
Lidia’s Recipe
Vegetable cone with fried fish